Thrifty Halloween costume lovers unite! Why settle for one costume, when you’ve got everything you need in your closet to create as many as you want? And now, you’ve got a place to show them off for all to admire: Join in on the Hallowiggle fun with our special closet-raiding costume challenge.

The rules are simple.

 Each day of the Halloween Party has a different theme. Your job is to raid your closet/room/house and create a costume for each theme based solely on what you have on hand. (No spending money on extras!)

Note: This is different from Disneybounding and Everyday Cosplay – for Raid Your Closet o Ween, you’re putting together a full costume, not just an outfit inspired by your favorite characters.

  • Use the hashtag #Hallowiggles on Twitter and Instagram to share a photo of you in your costume!
  • Participants will be awarded an achievement each day they participate.
  • Multiple submissions are welcome, so show off your creativity and skills! BUT ! You’ll receive only one achievement per theme (not one achievement per costume.)
  • You MAY submit any Raid Your Closet o Ween costumes to the main IGGPPC Halloween costume contest – but you must follow those separate contest rules!

Daily Themes!

We’ve left these themes purposefully broad to allow you maximum room for creativity.

Wednesday, October 29th

IGGPPC House Spirit

(Harry Potter, Batman, Portal, and Star Wars!)

Thursday, October 30th

Fairy Tales

Friday: October 31st

Video Games

Saturday, November 1st

Space Explorers

How ’bout some examples?

Here’s a few staffers modeling costumes thrown together straight from our wardrobes!

April from Lumberjanes by Jen

Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls by Summer

Spinelli from Recess by Kara

Any questions? Leave a comment below or reach out to Kara (@asdfhjkara) or Summer(@thefinchery).

Okay, Halloween lovin’ iggles! SHOW US WHAT YA GOT.