Greetings, my spooky photo loving friends! Today I have the pleasure of launching the 2014 Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt!

The rules are simple: Take a glance at the graphic below, then whip out your cameras and phones and start hunting for everything on the list. When you find something that matches the topic, snap a picture of it! Upload your photos to whichever service you like (preferably twitter or instagram) and hashtag them #HallowIgglesHunt. Once you’ve found all fourteen items, tweet @igglebugs for your super sweet achievement!

You have until November 2nd to find them all and score your achievement code! Happy Hunting, Iggles and IggleBugs!



(Note for people participating in IggleBugs 365. Since we are having the Halloween party, these are your idea topics for the week. Enjoy!)