When many people think of comics superheroes come to mind, but there is an entire spectrum of genres out there just waiting to be read! Horror comics are among my favorites and I would love to share some of them with you. I’ve included a rating system to let you know just how spooky each comic is: a 1 rating has some horror elements but you shouldn’t worry; 5 means you want to read this comic with the lights on, surrounded by your loved ones. Feel free to include your suggestions in the comments! Enjoy!


Night of the Living Deadpool is a mostly light hearted read with only one or two somber panels that remind you it is indeed the zombie apocalypse. For those unfamiliar, Deadpool is a mercenary with healing powers (which he received from experimental therapy to cure his cancer). His multiple personalities, breaking the fourth wall, and one liners provide plenty of comic relief. In this mini series, the Merc with a mouth awakes from a food coma only to discover the zombie apocalypse has occurred. True to his nature, when Deadpool teams up with other survivors to find safety, hilarity and carnage ensues. This quick read is the perfect balance of undead to chuckles ratio.

The Walking Dead is considered the zombie comic series, and is the book that got me into comics. Former deputy Rick Grimes begrudgingly leads a group of survivors on their journey to build a new life for themselves in zombie infested Georgia. While there are plenty of undead, they act as the backdrop to this character driven story. Dark and intense, The Walking Dead explores the challenge of maintaining our humanity when civilization crumbles. This is a well established series with well over 100 issues (or 22 trades- the 22nd to be released in November) provides new readers with a bunch of new reading material.

(For violence. This comic makes me cry sometimes.)


Revival is a rural noir that puts a spin on the zombie genre. A small town in Wisconsin is quarantined when some of the dead come back to life. These undead, called revivors, are not interested in eating brains; they are just trying to carry on with their everyday lives. The revivors heal from even the most serious wounds- some will use this to complete unfinished business while others yearn for a rest they can never have. We follow the story of Officer Dana Cypress as she secretly investigates the death (and revival) of someone close to her heart. There is also something supernatural prowling the woods surrounding the town. It is in search of something, or someone. With four trades out now, you should be able to catch up with current issues fairly quickly.

(I have jumped out of my seat multiple times while reading this comic.)


Looking for a story set in our reality? Nailbiter focuses on the town of Buckaroo, Wisconsin, which has produced 16 of the world’s most notorious serial killers. FBI Agent Eliot Carroll arrests Edward “Nailbiter” Warren, a serial killer who kidnaps people who bite their nails. He holds his victims hostage until their nails grow back, then chews their nails down to the bone and murders them. Carroll returns to Buckaroo to figure out why so many townspeople become serial killers but he goes missing during his investigation. His friend NSA Agent Nicholas Finch must find his friend before it’s too late. With only one trade out so far, you’ll be dying to see what comes next.

(For gross factor, it’s pretty gorey.)


Set in the modern day, Wytches tells the story of Sailor, a girl who is relentlessly bullied by a classmate. One day when the bully confronts Sailor alone in the woods something kills the bully, leaving no trace of the body. Sailor’s family moves to a new town to get away from the stigma that has been placed on Sailor due to the bully’s disappearance. But the rumors and something more follows Sailor to her new home, waiting just outside her window. This comic just started this month so it is a perfect time to start following the series!

(I instantly regretted reading this alone but it was so good!)


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a dark twist on the teenage witch we know with creepy, beautiful art to match. We learn Sabrina’s origin story and how she came to live with her aunts in Greendale; but a vengeful spirit from her family’s past has crossed into the mortal realm and will not rest until she has seen justice. This isn’t a light hearted read like Deadpool but there isn’t anything that should creep you out. Another fresh comic, you will not need to worry about rushing to catch up with volumes of trades.


Murder, the supernatural, and a broken family are at the heart of Locke and Key. Upon the violent death of their father, the Locke children return to their father’s childhood home. As they explore the house they begin to discover various magical keys that unlock more than doors. An evil lurks in the house, biding its time until it can be released. This extremely imaginative, terrifying series keeps you suspended in a constant state of worry for the family as the evil begins to immerse itself into their lives. Locke and Key is a completed series with five trades in all.


You may already be familiar with 30 Days of Night due to the movie by the same name. The town of Barrow, Alaska has fallen under the month long period of darkness as it does every year, but a clan of vampires has decided use this stretch of dark to their advantage. As they feed on the townspeople, a few survivors attempt to make a stand. While bloody, the unique style of art used in this comic helps avoid the gore from appearing all too realistic. This is the first volume of a series but can be read as a stand alone with a definite ending.

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