You can’t have a party and not have at least a little dance. So we have come up with a spooktacular dance for staying fit and having fun while you get your party on. Our suggestions for song choice are: This is Halloween or Monster Mash, but we’d love to hear what spooky tunes you choose to get your groove on to!

Let’s get started!

Shake your whole body, every part. Bop your head, wiggle your arms, shake your boo-ty. You’re just getting warmed up!

Next, do 30 seconds of a Frankenstein walk, to do this stand with your feet together and your arms out in front of you, step and kick your leg up trying to touch your toes to your hand and then alternate legs.

After you’ve gotten your Frankie on, we’re moving right into a jumping monster move. Do squat jumps for 30 seconds: to do this squat with your back straight and your hips back so your knees do not go over your toes and then leap up extending your limbs in all directions, and shout “Boo!” or “Rawr!” or make another monster noise. (Bonus achievement opportunity: Record your monster move and share it with us!)

Feeling spooky yet? Up next: get down onto all fours (making sure your shoulders are above your elbows and wrists and your hips above your knees) and you’ll be doing a witches’ black cat: to do this arch your back upwards and hold for 3 seconds and then sag downwards and hold for three seconds there. (Bonus achievement opportunity: hiss or meow, and show us your cat!)

Stretch that cat into a high plank position and you are going to be doing a creepy crawly walk for the next 30 seconds. To do this you will need to bring your right knee up to your right elbow while you move your left hand forward and then alternate.

Back up on your feet for the next 30 seconds and we want to see jumping Jack Skeletons and we don’t mind if your arms and legs go in whatever direction you feel is the most skeleton-y.

For the last 30 seconds we want you to run for your life (but none of that falling over fresh air business) on the spot and if you want to flail your arms about then you go right ahead! (Bonus achievement opportunity: Show us your best horror movie survivalist face – you would be one of those to survive a scary movie, right?)

We’d love to see you shaking your BOO-ty, so if you want to share a video of your full dance, please do! To share photos/videos for the bonus achievements, post them in the forums, on Twitter, or email them to igglefitness at gmail dot com for your codes.

Happy Halloween!

This post is a part of our Halloween 2015 Party. To see the Halloween schedule, click here