It’s that time of year, friends! The most wonderful time, when the weather outside starts to cool off, the leaves on the trees change color, and everyone and their mom is head over heels in love with pumpkin spiced food items. Yes, October is here indeed! And if you also happen to be one of those people who gets excited when stores start to offer spooky Halloween items that you can decorate your house with, the singer/songwriter/author Voltaire has a new web show just for you!

Paint it Black by Voltaire

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in Dracula’s castle, or painting your bedroom walls black as the night, then you are probably already familiar with Voltaire and his D.I.Y. instructional book, Paint it Black, which was first released in 2005.

In it, he gives full instructions on not only painting walls and re-imagining furniture and toys to suit the ‘gothic’ aesthetic, but also explains how to bake a cake in the shape of a mini graveyard, and offers tips for anyone interested in planning a gothic wedding. From this book, (as well as from his music), it’s clear that Mister Voltaire has a lot of creative ideas to offer. And to the delight of his longtime fans, he set up a crowdsourcing page earlier this year to raise funds for filming an entire web t.v. show series all on D.I.Y. decor!

Voltaire and Orville Deadenbacher

Voltaire and his Gothic Homemaking co host in their lair

The first episode premiered last week, entitled “Size Matters”. Voltaire reveals his plans to remodel his tiny New York City apartment in the style of one of his favorite hotels, he shows us how to make a super cool candelabra from old wine bottles, and shows off a myriad of neat items from the beloved Alchemy Gothic brand, that would put all those cheap, plastic Halloween wares from the store to shame!

Gothic Homemaking Episode One

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New episodes will air every Thursday on Voltaire’s YouTube channel at noon EST for the remainder of season one. Don’t miss them! And keep up with the rest of Voltaire’s antics, announcements, and projects through any of these links:

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Let’s chat about it in the comments: do you like Voltaire’s aesthetic? Are you excited to try any of his tutorials?