How’d you like to win a one-of-a-kind IGGPPC collectible cross-stitch pin and the pin of your choice from Synapse to Synapse Designs? We know, you’re excited… calm down!

Your beloved staffers, holed up in the IGGPPC HQ, have been tirelessly searching for fun and magical goodies and delights, beyond your wildest dreams! Trinkets and treasures to bestow upon our beloved children, the Iggles. The 4 of us combined our Wonder Quadruplets rings, tingled our Spidey Senses, and we set forth the Bat Signal of joy. And we bring you – a giveaway!

The delightful Sarah Jean, from the city of lights, Las Vegas, has sponsored a fantastic giveaway for our Iggles in handmade crafty goodness. Her cross-stitched goods combine the geeky flavors of your favorite video games, movies, and pop culture references, with the hand made simple joy of cross-stitch. Here’s how you can win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced Saturday, June 8! Good luck Iggles!