Watch and you’ll see… someday you’ll be… part of our world! We’ve all got a little Disney Princess in us, yeah, even the dudes. And thanks to Traci Hines and the crew at Adorkable Apparel, you TOO can flaunt your inner mermaid with this amazing Urban Mermaid Crop Top from Adorkable Apparel!

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You may know Traci from such amazing videos/cosplays as “Part of your World” from The Little Mermaid, “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen, and of course the Disney Chickz! And if you’re still unsure about how cool Adorkable Apparel is, check out their Captain Hook shirt, Maleficent shirt, and other cute styles! At Adorkable Apparel, you will find inspired chic designs for the Disnerd in us all.


A bit about Traci and the Adorkable line:

Adorkable Apparel is a brand new fashion line launching trending tee’s and crop tops designed by Fantasy Pop Singer-Songwriter, Traci Hines. Traci is most known for her music, Disney fandom and mermaid personas. She’s credited as being the original Hipster Mermaid (IRL) and is recognized throughout the interwebs for her likeness to The Little Mermaid. Her passion for all things geeky, animated and artsy inspire her design work, and she absolutely loves dreaming up whimsical, fantasy-inspired creations.

Alright, alright… guess we’d better get down to the contest, huh. So here’s the skinny. Enter to win, and you too could be rocking the Ariel top that mermaids everywhere want! Put down your dinglehopper, stop playing your snarfblat, and enter to win!

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