Hey Iggles! So today we’re dropping a second prize pack from Kacie at The Written Word(s)! For her birthday, she wants to give one lucky Iggle a gift! Make sure you sign up for this giveaway even if you signed up for the other one to double your chances to win something awesome! Okay, have a look at what you can win in this prize pack:

20140812_152025 20140812_152212

Chocolate covered oreos?! *drools*

20140812_152519_HDR 20140812_152557

In awe yet? There’s more!

20140812_152721 20140812_152830

Look at all these awesome things!

ibphotocollage20140812_160323 ibphotocollage20140812_160415

And more awesomeness!

ibphotocollage20140812_160543 ibphotocollage20140812_160819

Okay, one more thing.


Wow, what an amazing prize pack. I definitely think you all should enter to win this. I am a bit of a stationery and office supply nerd myself, so I’m gonna be super jealous of the winner! There’s a complete list of all the prizes below in the rafflecopter and more detailed descriptions of each item on her blog. So enter to win, do it right now! And Happy 22nd Birthday, Kacie!

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