Yer a wizard Harry! Haven’t you always wanted your very own magic wand? You’ve seen the power these things have. Look no further! Now you can summon your very own Patronus with a gorgeous Lilac wand from Gipson Wands!

Gipson Wands has been a maker of fine wands since 2008. Scott is a magical wizard, who runs his wand shop out of Raytown, Missouri. He uses salvaged wood or locally sourced lumber to craft these magical tools and then giving them a hand rubbed oil finish. They are hand crafted with love and magic. This wand may or may not contain a few phoenix feathers and unicorn hairs.

We caution you to use your wand wisely. This kind of power has been known to go to certain wizard’s and witch’s heads. I am sure you’ve heard of… He Who Must Not be Named. We just do not want you to end up like him. So please. Flick responsibly.

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