Gilmore Girls was a staple of my high school life. It started during my eighth grade year and ended my sophomore year in college. There were two shows that I watched with my parents throughout those years (well, until I left for college…and then on breaks when I was home): Gilmore Girls and NCIS. I’m clearly not here to talk about the fine folk who investigate deaths in the US Navy, though. Almost every female that I know, especially a few years younger to about 10-15 years older, has fond memories of the Stars Hallow girls.

When Netflix announced that our beloved Rory, Lorelei, and the whole gang were going to be available for streaming there were many watching parties planned, formed, and possibly carried out. If you missed yours because you got home from work/school/just got the kids to bed and didn’t really want to *do* anything, this is for you.

I present to you the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club Gilmore Girls Watching Extravaganza, or the #IGGPPCGGWE. This will last from December through June, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, it goes like so:

  1. On the first Friday of the month I will post my thoughts on each and every episode of an entire season.
  2. You just watch them at any point.
  3. You come and you comment with your thoughts and feelings.
  4. I comment back.
  5. And so forth.

There aren’t any achievement codes to be given out, or prizes to be won, but I would love to talk to some other Gilmore Girl geeks!

So, check back here on December 5th when I dive into the first season!