Hello iggles! This very special giveaway come to you from Geeky Pleasures, a newly-opened shop of very geeky, very functional goodies! Jules Sherred is the one who makes it all happen, & was willing to answer a few questions for us to get better acquainted.


What are your current top 5 geek loves?

1)      Star Trek – It is my first and biggest love! I’m a Trekker before I’m anything else. When I got married, we had a United Federation of Planets wedding. I was Mr. Spock, my partner was Captain Kirk.
2)      Developing and designing custom WordPress themes. I even find myself excused to purchase a new domain name and design a whole new website when I’m in between clients, because I enjoy it so much.
3)      Crafting – Whether it be sewing, or cross stitching, or knitting, or crocheting, oil painting… the list goes on, if it’s creative, I love it.
4)      Gaming – I’m not much of a social gamer, but I love playing video games that either involve bashing monsters in a dungeon, or are full of strategy. It’s an excellent way for me to unwind and release frustration after a long, hard day.
5)      Dance – I’m a trained dancer. I have barriers that prevent me from continuing to dance, but I still love it. It’s the perfect mix of three of my favourite things: expression/creativity, music, and art.  I’m a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance and was overjoyed to be able to watch the final stop on the most recent So You Think You Can Dance tour.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?
Superman. This one is rather difficult to explain because it’s really personal. But, like Superman, I had to live two identities before I came out as a trans man. I had to keep my true self hidden, which caused a lot of the same struggles Superman has. Also, the Fortress of Solitude thing resonates with me. I can be a cave dweller, so I have my own fortress.
Though, there are some days I wish I wasn’t escaping to the Fortress of Solitude alone, and instead had Alfred waiting in the Batcave to mend my wounds and take of me after a long, rough day fighting bad guys.

If you could have any pen pal, real or fictitious, who would it be and why?
Mr. Spock.
It is very fair to say I’m a hybrid of Mr. Spock, Data, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and Dr. Spencer Reid. Mr. Spock was the first character on television to whom I could relate as a young child.

How did Geeky Pleasures get started?
In 2008, I was hired by an online radio station as an online personality and assistant general manager. That is when I came up with the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show. Every Friday, for two hours, I would play geek music and talk with my audience about some geek topic of the week.
A year later, because of popular demand, I launched Geeky Pleasures the website as a place to share other things that I’m geeking over.
Then, during my very successful Indiegogo campaign, lots of people requested that I create a store to sell the items I was giving away as perks. So, I did exactly that.

Where do you take inspiration from?
People. People can be equally amazing and equally horrible. Each of them inspire me to create and passionately share a number of things, in a wide variety of topics, mediums, forums, art.

You have to team up with a villain to take down some pesky do-gooders, who do you choose?
60s Penguin. The reason is really silly. The way he laughs makes me smile.

What TV show, comic, book, film, or video game are you getting a kick out of this month?
Modern Family. My partner and I are currently binge-watching it and we love it!

A mad scientist leaves a universe jumper to you in their will, that will take you to any land real or fictional. Where is the first place you jump to?
On any starship Enterprise.

Favorite Quote?
“I have been – and I always shall be – your friend.” Mr. Spock.


The shop features a marvelous variety of both products & fabrics, so there’s something for everyone! But, I won’t just send you there blindly– let me show you a wristlet, sent to me to review for you!



In short, IT’S HOT STUFF. This thing has front & back sections, plus two pockets in the center, just enough to contain all of your wallet necessities without getting too bulky. All of the sewing is very professional, I’d confidently use this for all of my daily needs. The colors coordinate SO WELL, it’s basically a work of art! I think my very favorite part, oddly enough, is that the button loop is elastic. So it has a closure to keep the contents safe, but not so safe that you’re the person in the crowded check-out lane holding everyone up forever while you take forever to try to access your funds. (If you were in that line, I officially apologize right now. ;-)) The size is great. If you’ve got a not-huge phone, you could just use this as a clutch, no problem, great for showing off at a party. Or, if you’re like me, put your phone somewhere else & tuck your Nintendo 3DS XL into that front pocket instead– it just fits! That fact wins over this gamer girl’s heart, for sure.

6 Examples of Current Items

Up for giveaway is a $50 gift card for you to go wild selecting your very own Geeky Pleasures merchandise!

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Thanks again to Jules Sherred for this generous opportunity, & shout-out to Tony of Geeking in Indiana for the heads-up on this great new shop!