Hello! My name is Emily and I am going to be writing a monthly column on geeky parenting here on +5 Charisma. I’m currently a mom of one lil guy, born last November, so I am gaining XP in this new role every day.

This month I just kind of wanted to ease into things with a quick post about how I believe our geeky qualities enable us to be Super Parents (!) I know the majority of us Iggles are female, but I’m going to use the word parent to be as inclusive as possible, because you never know who is reading.

Geeks are already one or two leaps ahead of the average joe when it comes to raising kidlets. Geeks usually are very interested in the WHY of things, as well as the HOW. This is what led me to read approximately over 3,000 books on pregnancy when I found out I was knocked up. Now that I’ve gone through it, well, I consider myself a minor expert. Geeks also understand little ones better. We understand a little better how something simple can fascinate a baby for hours, because we too get immersed in our various geeky activities (although we are secretly counting down the days until baby can understand and appreciate OUR geeky loves & can actually read comic book instead of try to eat them).

I had thought up a butt ton of geeky metaphors to use in this post (comparing caring for a baby to taking care of Nibbler and comparing the amount of sleep one gets while caring for a newborn as “something you’ve never experienced, unless you routinely stay up writing Supernatural fan fiction and trolling tumblr all hours of the night”), but the one I landed on was this:

Parenting is fandom.

There are those who know they are just going to love it, before they even experience it. There are those who dabble in it (babysitting) and decide this isn’t for them right now. Then, there are those who want absolutely nothing to do with it and wish the rest of us would shut up about it already (kind of how some of us feel about Bronies). And then, there are people like me who never thought about giving it a fair chance, but now that they did, they have completely immersed themselves in it and could talk about it ALL DAY LONG.

I am a hardcore fan of this having babies and raising them thing. It’s one of my geek loves and I’m looking forward to diving into some actual parenting topics with y’all next month. Look forward to book reviews, geeky style activities for parents & babies, and much much more fun!

Feel free to leave any comments on this post if there are questions you have about pregnancy, babies, or anything related to babies…I’ll do my best to answer them and maybe it will even give me ideas for my next post!

This post was originally written by Emily F.S.