Hello all! Emily here, with another edition of Geeks and Crafts! November is an absolutely packed month for me, between the school semester winding down to finals and NaNoWriMo, so today I decided to share with you a DIY that I put together last year for a blog I used to write for. It’s one of my favorite projects ever, so I couldn’t help but want to share it here, too: Starry Sky Paintings!

Starry Sky Paintings - Finished

Here’s what you need to make these little paintings:

  • four 4×4 canvas boards
  • craft or acrylic paint in black, grey, and silver
  • water
  • two paintbrushes, one small and one larger
  • a paint palette, or small cups, for mixing

Starry Sky Paintings - Supplies

You’ll want to cover your work surface before you start this project, since it involves flinging some paint. I just used newspaper.

First, paint the canvas boards solid black. I used the larger paintbrush for this step.

Starry Sky Paintings - Step 1

You might need to use more that once coat to get an even covering. I used two coats of black paint on my canvas boards.

When they’re dry, set them out in a grid, like so:

Starry Sky Paintings - Step 2

This arrangement will allow you to do the rest of the steps on all the boards at once.

Then, squeeze some of the grey paint into a cup or a well on your palette and add water until it is very runny.

Starry Sky Paintings - Step 3

Make sure it’s evenly mixed, but really drippy, so that you can splatter it easily. You might want to test it by flinging some at the newspaper before you start on your canvases. I used the smaller brush for this. To splatter the paint, hold the paintbrush like you would a pencil about half-way up the brush handle and use your pointer finger to tap it and shake off the watered-down paint.

When you’ve got the technique and the consistency of the paint down, splatter some grey “stars” across your canvases.

Starry Sky Paintings - Step 4

The size and number of your splatters will vary, but leave room for the silver splatters, too!

Before you move on, let the grey paint dry completely. This may take awhile, especially for the bigger blobs, so watch an episode or two of something on Netflix while you wait. Then, repeat the splattering process with the silver paint.

Starry Sky Paintings - Step 5

And once that’s dry, they’re done! The addition of the metallic silver splatters really adds some dimension to the paintings.

I had these paintings hanging up in my old room, and I haven’t got them up in my new apartment yet, but I plan to. But if you don’t want to (or can’t) hang paintings where you live, I think these would make awesome drink coasters with the addition of some water-proof sealant and a bit of cork or felt on the bottom.

As usual, please let me know if you make something with this tutorial! I would love to see your geek-girl crafting skills! And I’ll see you next month for another edition of Geeks and Crafts!