I know I haven’t been around in awhile, but I’m back today with a new edition of Geeks and Crafts! For this post, I wanted to do a project that could speak to all of us. We’re all different kinds of geeks here, but we’re also here because we’re all geeks about one thing: snail mail! So follow along for a simple and cute embroidered greeting card.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for this card:

EGC Supplies

  • white card stock (for the card base)
  • colored card stock (to embroider on)
  • letter stencil
  • book-binding needle
  • embroidery thread
  • ruler
  • Not pictured: pencil, paper cutter (or scissors), paper awl, bone folder, washi tape, tape runner (or other dry adhesive)

First, cut your colored card stock down to 4.25×5.5 inches. Then, sketch out your design in pencil.

EGC Sketch

I used my letter stencil to write out “HEY GIRL” and then added a big speech bubble around the words. Keep it simple, and big!

Next, poke holes along your design to give you a guide for stitching. I used a paper awl (made for book-binding) and laid my card on a soft potholder as I punched the holes.

EGC Holes

Make sure you poke the holes close enough to keep the shapes of your sketch when you embroider it, but not so close that you perforate the paper and cause it to tear.

And then, thread your needle and start embroidering. I cut a two foot length of thread and then split it in half so it wouldn’t be as thick.

EGC Starting

No need to knot it in the back, like when you embroider on fabric. Just take a tiny piece of washi tape and stick down the end.

Once you get going, just stitch all around the design, following your holes.

EGC In Progress

Add new pieces of thread whenever you get to the end of one.

Just keep stitching until you finish!

EGC Embroidery Done

I used a simple backstitch (here’s a simple how-to if you’re not familiar).

When you’re done, the back will probably look like this.

EGC Back

We’re gonna fix that! First, cut a piece of white card stock in half so it’s 5.5×8.5 inches, and then fold it in half (the bone folder helps) so you have a card base the same size as the colored card stock (4.25×5.5 inches).

Finally, glue your embroidery down to the card base, lining up all the edges. I would recommend using dry adhesive (like a tape runner) so that the paper doesn’t warp. And make sure you use a lot, since the thread does keep the paper from sitting completely flat.

EGC All Finished

And that’s it! Your embroidered card is now ready to be filled up, enveloped, addressed, stamped, and sent off to your pen pal!

I hope you liked this project! I’d love to see if you make something with this tutorial. So let me know! And come back here on the second Saturday of every month for more Geeks and Crafts!