Hello again! Welcome to this month’s edition of Geeks and Crafts! Today, I’ll be showing you something fun to do with your comic books (the ones you can bear to cut up, that is): image transfers!

Here’s what you’ll need for this DIY:


  • a bowl with water
  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • a comic book
  • not pictured: napkins and a brayer

Make sure your comic book has glossy, magazine-like pages, or this won’t work. And be sure it’s one you can bear to cut into! The one I used came out of a cereal box, actually – and I’m not really a fan of the Justice League, anyway (I’m more of a Marvel girl).

First, put a piece of packing tape over the image you want to transfer. Cover it completely and smooth the tape down so there are no bubbles (here’s where I used the brayer).

Then, cut out the image.

Taped and Cut Out

I like to leave a little border around it. Make sure there are no places not covered with tape!

Next, fill your bowl about halfway with water. You need a big enough bowl and enough water to completely submerge your whole piece.

Into the Water

And then drop your piece into the bowl! Poke it down so it’s all in there. Leave it there for about a minute.

In the Water

It’s okay if it curls up a little. It’ll straighten out later, I promise.

After a minute, pull out your piece and put it tape-side-down on a napkin. Wet your fingers a little and start gently rubbing off the paper.

Peel Off the Backing

Be very gentle, keep your fingers damp, and go slowly. Rub off all of the paper, and you’ll be left with just the ink on the tape – it’ll be slightly transparent.

And that’s it!

All Done

Packing tape image transfers are great for adding to collages, because of the way they’re semi-transparent. Glue sticks (applied to the non-shiny-side of the transfer) work best for adhering them to things.

Here are some other things I made transfers of from my comic book:

More Examples

I’m sure some of these will make it into my art journal in one way or another. I also think they’d be perfect for some geeky mail art – anyone want a Justice League collage postcard?