Apparently Iron Man 3 was released already throughout the world but for everyone living in North America the movie comes out this Friday, May 3rd! I will admit, Iron Man is not my favourite Avenger but I am extremely excited to see this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two Iron Man movies and Robert Downey Jr. is pretty great to watch on screen for two hours. I really enjoy his humour in the role of Tony Stark.

When I see movies in the theatre that I fangirl about I tend to plan my outfit around the movie. For example I was decked out in my Wolverine shirt for X-Men: First Class and I had my Mockingjay pin on for The Hunger Games. Unfortunately I don’t own anything with Iron Man on it… I do have shirts and some necklaces for other members of the Avengers. So if I don’t get to the mall before I see this movie I will at least wear something Marvel.

Looking around online I came across some pretty awesome Iron Man things… I’m not going to lie, I want them ALL.

I collect Pop! Vinyl figures so the fact that they came out with these is just horrible for my wallet….


Who doesn’t want the man in their life to smell like Iron Man?!?!


I am so in love with both of these shirts!


An amazing glow in the dark necklace from Etsy!!

Source: via Sparklegirl on Pinterest


For a subtle Iron Man-inspired look, this nail art would work perfectly!


Are you going to see Iron Man 3 this weekend? If so, will you be wearing something Iron Man-inspired?

xo Sparkles