Welcome to a new monthly blog post, spotlighting exciting geeky stationery that you can buy for your pen pal needs. What good is it to have a pen pal without a fabulous greeting card to send their way? Or perhaps fun and cute stickers to adorn their envelope? I’ll be spotlighting 5 awesome geek stationery finds for all of our nerdy pen pals out there!


Famous Scientist Quotes by Newton And the Apple on Etsy

This set contains beautiful watercolor-esque quotes from famous scientists, including one of my favorites, “Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere” by Albert Einstein. It comes with matching envelopes, costs $10.16, and ships from the UK. I absolutely love the typography and white space on these! The rest of their Etsy has great stuff to, so be sure to check out Newton and the Apple.


Ssbassba Korean Stickers from the Sticker Club on Etsy

They aren’t joking when they call themselves a sticker club, because they have a LOT of good stickers. I did some Googling and I think I have determined the name of this character to be Ssbassba – but if someone else knows otherwise, please let me know. And the stickers are just too sweet! Perfect for sticking on envelopes! These stickers are only $3.18 and ship from Hong Kong. Check out all their fun stickers in The Sticker Club!


Totes Fab Birthday Card by feb10design on Etsy

The language on this card just kills me. This is definitely the ridiculous slang I rock far too often. And the artwork? Adorable. Some sort of German bunny with glasses… seems legit. If you think this card is funny, then you just have to check out the rest of their Etsy. You can only send birthday cards once a year, but they have so many other great cards that would bring a huge smile to any Iggles face! This card is only $4 and ships from the USA.


Kawaii Hello Geeks Pens from Very Berry Sticker on Etsy

Nothing makes me sadder than trying to write a cute letter to my pen pal with a very boring or ugly pen! Yuck! Fortunately, Very Berry Sticker has super cute pens for only $3.99 each! The pens ship from South Korea, and you can choose from any style, including monkey, cat, squirrel and fox. Each little creature just makes me so happy :3


Firefly Inspired Greeting Card from Hello Foss on Etsy

As a huge browncoat, this card makes me so happy! I love all the cute hand drawn references to the show in this card. It’s perfect for any Serenity loving Iggle out there. And for only $2.99 it’s a steal! It ships from the UK, and be sure to check out the other cute items for sale in Hello Foss’ store!

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