Hello fellow Iggle mommas and poppas! I’m Lauren, 24 and single parent of Dylan, the tiny terror, the purveyor of poop, the source of stress…he’s two years old and has more energy than makes conceivable sense to me. I’m going to be taking over from Emily, writing about the joys (and realities) of geek parenthood.

Peace and quiet? What is this "peace and quiet" of which you speak??

Peace and quiet? What is this “peace and quiet” of which you speak??

This month’s topic is SLEEP! That fabled and most beautiful respite…

As someone who spent most nights playing Fallout, debating the symbolism in sci-fi novels and sleeping away most of the day, the broken sleep and early mornings that are part and parcel of parenthood were something I found hard to adjust to. I had a wonderful pregnancy, a little morning sickness and acid reflux (and gall stones which came in the 3rd trimester and that’s another story entirely) but otherwise plain sailing.

What I found difficult was the grinding exhaustion that came with carrying a tiny human in my stomach. I wanted to stay up and play my Xbox, watch any decent TV programme (why do they put them on so late?!) or go see the midnight showing of the latest release but my body wouldn’t let me…my geekdom was being betrayed from the inside…much like a Joss Whedon show. Unless it involved waking up at 3am because junior had changed position and was now laying on my bladder, then try getting back to sleep…sigh. Similarly for the dads out there, you try playing your Xbox (or Playstation…let’s be inclusive here) when your brood mother needs ice cream and a foot rub or she’s crying and she’s not sure why.

It’s fair to say that sleep is one of the first casualties of parenthood, but when you hold them for the first time, and every time after that, all is forgiven. You would forgive them anything because they’re incredible, these beautiful bundles of you and the person you love(d). You think about all the wonderful things they are yet to experience; reading Harry Potter for the first time, buying their first comic book, and LEGO! Think of all the Lego…

Please feel free to leave me a comment. Until next month Iggles!

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