Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Geek and Sundry, The Guild, Dragon Age: Redemption, Red: Werewolf HunterEureka… There’s geek, then there’s whatever Felicia Day is. A true Geek Girl of the modern era, Felicia’s popularity and widespread adoration continues to grow at a promising rate. Lemme tell you why she’s more than just a pretty redhead (à la Amy Pond)!

Before I commence what will inevitably become an open love letter to Felicia Day (see end of post), I’ll set the tone a little. Here’s the background music for this post, and here’s a photo of Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton:

Her Hair!
Got it? Good. I didn’t want to mislead anyone about the levels of awesomeness in this post, because they are higher than
Radagast the Brown.

So, Ms Day (born 1979, in Alabama) was home-schooled, then valedictorian of her college class, then doubled majored in Mathematics and Music Performance. A typical nerdy childhood, then! She then moved to L.A. to be an actress, with her first recognisable role in ‘
Bring It On Again‘, everyone’s favourite direct-to-video cheer-leading comedy sequel. sarcasm

Here begins what can only be described as a veritable trebuchet trajectory into geekstardom. Felicia has said that gaming was her childhood hobby (including Zork!). She wasn’t trained as a writer, or an actress. She was a violinist! But, like a lot of us would love to, she managed to turn her childhood hobby and true passion into not just a career, but a way of life. Becoming a professional geek girl is an admirable feat, and one she has accomplished in various mediums, including comic books, gaming web-series, and video-game voice-over acting.

As I mentioned, Felicia was not professionally trained as an actress. To that fact I give a hearty ‘meh’, as she has appeared in many TV Shows, some films, and many different adverts, each successful, in my opinion.

For the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series, she played a Slayer named Vi (Violet in the comics) who leads the New York Squadron. Felicia created and wrote a comedy web series called The Guild, where she plays Cyd Sherman, an MMO addict who likes racy fantasy novels. In the web-series Dragon Age: Redemption (which she co-wrote and produced, based on the videogame series Dragon Age), Felicia is the badass Elven assassin Tallis. As Supernatural fangirls might have gathered, Felicia is geek Charlie Bradbury, a lesbian MMO fangirl (that’s a lesbian who likes MMO, not a fangirl of an MMO just for lesbians, although that would be awesome). I could go on and on about her acting credits, but I’d rather stop listing and start fangirling myself about why she is such an admirable geek girl.

Felicia isn’t an accidental geek princess. She genuinely loves her videogames, and being a geek in general. She voices her views about the Internet, being a female gamer, and generally what it is like to be an internet-savvy geeky female in the 21st Century. She writes the shows that she wants to see, and that she knows other geeks want to see, from dispelling gender bias in The Guild, to extending the enthralling universe of a videogame in Dragon Age: Redemption

Often it can be difficult to be a geek, even in these swiftly changing modern times. It’s even harder to be a geeky female, forever being branded a fake ‘gamer girl’ or a poser simply for enjoying certain things that some males think is their domain. When everyday women struggle to be able to express their love of comics, games, sci-fi, or whatever it may be, it can seem almost impossible for women to actually be successful in geeky careers, or (brace yourselves) praised for their achievements in geekery. As Felicia shows us, it IS possible to have your cake and eat it, being simultaneously a geek and a success in her career.

She has won 4 Streamy Awards and 3 IAWTV Awards, she’s beautiful, she’s fun, and I salute all her geeky endeavors in the future. Her Birthday is this month, and hopefully you will join me in celebrating a truly wonderful modern geek lady. 



This post was originally written by Helena Schofield.