It’s the most wonderful time of year for me and many other gamers. The weather’s getting comfortable, school has settled in, and the game releases are hitting the shelves non-stop til a few days into December. I will be gathering at my local Gamestop soon making new friends and picking up the games I have been waiting for especially since Fallout 4 and Yo-Kai Watch are both launching this year. In this article I am going to talk about the games I know I’ll be picking up so I can review more for you guys in the coming weeks!

Chibi Robo Whiplash – Available 10/10:

I pre-ordered this game for my 3DS and honestly it was on a whim but what’s wrong with going on your instincts sometimes!? I always wanted to try the Chibi Robo game on the GameCube but never could find them since we didn’t get a reliable game store until after I was in high school. It’s not exactly like the GameCube games at all, though, and it is coming out in the form of a platform game. This just made it even better for me since I love to play platform games on the go. I am especially looking forward to getting the adorable Amiibo that you can get packaged with Chibi Robo to add to my shrine of game figures.

cost: 29.99 -39.99 with Amiibo.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone – Available 10/13: 

The Witcher was the game that I could not put down for anything this summer. When I heard it was getting its first expansion I flipped and immediately tried to pre-order it in my Xbox store. The expansion is going to be a ten-hour adventure where Gerald is kidnapped by a strange looking man and ends up with an ever stranger scar on his cheek that he has to get removed by following the man’s orders. The expansion is as long as a lot of modern game campaigns and is only the first of three. While it doesn’t add any new places, the quest and almost promised amazing story has me ecstatic.

cost: 9.99 

Screenshot (15)

Source Author: Screen shot from the Hearts of Stone teaser.

Guitar Hero Live – Available 10/20: 

Music games have always been something I played starting with a DDR machine I found while visiting my Grandparents in Alabama one summer. I got into the Guitar Hero craze in their third installment and played my heart out every night for weeks at a time after each launch. I have also been told the guitar is a lot smoother this time around and less awkward to play and hold which only fuels my anticipation. I picked Guitar Hero over Rock Band because it was my first in the instrument music genre and it’s 50 USD cheaper for each guitar than Rock Band’s pre-order bundles.

cost: 99.99 to 149.99

Assassins Creed Syndicate – Available 10/23: 

I swear I’m not just going to the midnight release as an excuse to wear a cosplay I’m getting for Halloween….well maybe a little. Other than that though, I’m insanely excited since this game has a Robin Hood feel to it and I really believe this game may help out the hurt franchise. I also have decided I’m in love with both of the assassins you get to play as and I love the new cane sword weapon add in. It’s just so dapper looking and looks fun to use with strategy. The only downside to this game I see so far is the fact that Guitar Hero launches two days before it and Halo 5 three days after it.

cost: 59.99

Screenshot (22)

Source Author: Screenshot from the Assassins Creed Syndicate CG trailer,

Halo 5 Guardians – Available 10/27:

Halo is a special series to me and is what lead me to actually getting to know and meet my husband. I am a huge fan of the multi-player, not just for the reason above, but for how smooth it runs for me and the fact that they’re adding in the massive War Zone mode. The campaign really is something to look forward to as well since Microsoft’s latest trailer announced that Master Chief got “killed” and I simply am not OK with accepting that. This is also the first game since Reach to have you playing with a team of other Spartans and not just arguing with your friend over who is the real Master Chief. On top of that, you will get to switch between playing Fire Team Osiris and Blue Team.

Cost: 59.99

Yo-kai Watch – Available 11/6:

This is one of my most anticipated titles currently. I even at one point took to twitter during a localization pole to beg Level 5 and Nintendo to bring it to the States. Yo-Kai Watch is a huge success in Japan and has surpassed even Pokemon in popularity. The game has you collecting friendship metals and battling yo-kai. What’s a yokai you ask? It’s a Japanese ghost, or cryptic in some cases, that attached to people to cause everyday problems you have to solve. This series is launching its tv series this Monday on Disney XD, a manga with the game release and an international Hasbro toy link in January 2016.

cost: 39.99

Screenshot (48)

Source Author: Screen shot from the Yo-Kai Watch game play trailer.

Fallout 4 – Available 11/10: 

This game is why I decided to purchase my first collector’s edition I have ever bought at a launch. Fallout 4 is the game I have been waiting for since I was 16 years old and I even went out to celebrate when it was announced. This installment is huge in content and it’s customization was  shown in the first game play demo and has taken the game community by storm. This game is also almost guaranteed for game of the year since it’s sister series, Elder Scrolls and every game since Bethesda purchased the Fallout franchise, have easily won them. Also this will be the first game to allow mods from the PC realm to be played on a console (only on Xbox at the moment), which is a huge step for console gaming!

Cost: 59.99

Star Wars Battlefront – Available 11/17:

I’m  really agitated with my town at the moment for not having a game selection back in the PS2/GameCube days. I missed out on the first Battlefront and really dread it but that’s OK because this game looks beautiful. I’m especially looking forward to piloting an AT-AT and trying to organize my friends for battles. So far I have the deluxe edition pre-ordered and I’m preparing to hopefully find some great party members to play with at the midnight launch!

cost: 59.99-69.99 with deluxe edition.

Screenshot (63)

Source Author: Screenshot from the Star Wars Battlefront in game play trailer.

XenoBlade Chronicles X – Available 12/3: 

You can’t have a great season without a good JRPG and WiiU title. XenoBlade is both of those and a whole lot more in an immersive package of greatness. The game takes an average of 200 hours to complete according to Japanese gamer polls and has Mechas you can pilot at the half way point of the story. It is essentially the last big release of the Fall season since it’s an early December title and will end the season on a very strong note. It has a strong soundtrack, beautiful landscapes and engaging story to keep you entangled for weeks

cost: 59.99

XenoBlade Chronicles X in game screenahot.

Source Author: XenoBlade Chronicles X trailer screenshot of the world landscape.

These game are not the only ones I’m looking forward to this season but they’re the ones I can budget in. Along with these titles Rock Band, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Rodea The Sky, Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, and Zelda will also be launching. There will be no shortage of waiting in line and drinking hot chocolate til late this season for me.

What are you looking forward to? I’d love to hear what you’re excited for and I can try to answer any questions you have as well about upcoming games. Just comment below with your comments, random facts or questions!