The wait is over, Game of Thrones Season 6 has arrived! Let’s jump right into a recap of the season premiere episode, “The Red Woman.” If you are not caught up yet on the show, beware!

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Jon Snow

Let’s start with what we’ve all been waiting for: finding out what is going on with Jon Snow. I love that we began and ended this episode at The Wall. Besides being one of my favorite plot-lines, the showrunners definitely know that seeing what happens to Jon is the question on everyone’s mind.

Jon seems to be decidedly dead, but I was so happy to see that Ghost was alive. In the books, there is much more of an emphasis placed on the Stark children’s connections with their direwolves, but I think that the show has done a decent job showing that Ghost and Jon share a connection that goes beyond that of a typical pet and its master.

Melisandre, The Red Woman

This episode is called “The Red Woman,” but we didn’t really see that much of Melisandre. Well, technically we actually saw quite a bit of her, but in terms of screen time she wasn’t in the episode for very long. But oh my goodness, what an impact she had! I actually gasped out loud when she shifted into an old woman, and I’m hoping that she is not crawling into that bed to die. Melisandre is understandably upset. After all, both of the people she has seen in the fire and then staked her hopes on have been killed: first Stannis and now Jon. Even though I don’t like her, especially after last season, I’ve got to admit she’s really having quite a terrible week.


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On to Winterfell. One thing I did not care for was the trip we took down memory lane with Ramsey. The last thing I want to do is feel for that character, and as he was reminiscing about Myranda I had to quell the urge to fast forward. Luckily, he quickly rebounded from mourning the loss of a girl he cared for (or at least a girl who interested him) by suggesting that her body be fed to the dogs. Seriously, could this character be any more of a monster? I hope that his stepmother has a boy. Roose Bolton is not a man who threatens lightly, and if he has a legitimate son then Ramsey is out.

Sansa and Theon

Meanwhile, Sansa and Theon have escaped and are on the run. While silently urging Sansa to get rid of that heavy cloak (once that thing got soaked it was doing way more harm than good), I was crossing my fingers that we wouldn’t have to see Sansa victimized anymore. I was SO happy to see Brienne and Pod ride up, and save the day. Sansa is a good person; she is kind and is trying her best. If the North is going to rally around someone, she is a good person to rally behind.

The scene where Brienne swears loyalty to Sansa was so sweet. Poor Sansa stuttering through the words in return was such a tender moment. It made me think about how she had always dreamed about dashing young knights, and I find it very interesting that the first person to swear allegiance to her is a woman warrior.


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The Lannisters

Speaking of things that broke my heart: Cersei’s face as she realized that her daughter was dead was the saddest moment of the episode. It has been a while since I’ve felt sorry for Cersei, but I am definitely rooting for her now, however morally corrupt she may be.

I am excited to see what happens in Kings Landing this season; between Jamie and Cersei vowing to destroy everyone and Margaery’s conversation with the High Sparrow, this episode left me wanting more.

Meanwhile, Dorne continues to frustrate me. How did the Sand Snakes get on the boat? How was the prince just now finding out about Myrcella? I have nothing but questions for the everything involving Dorne and the Sand Snakes, and instead of more comments I offer you this gif as a summation of my feelings;



Making the rounds in Essos, next we stopped by Meereen. I love Team Varys and Tyrion, and I love them even more now that they are wearing matching swishy capes. I wonder how long they are  going to stick it out in a burning city before calling it a day and moving on to Westeros?

Sometimes Game of Thrones sneaks in a really stunning wide shot, and I loved the one of the circle in the grass left by the Dothraki horde. I really love the Dothraki as a culture, finding out about their social hierarchy and rules, and it’s great that we got to see some personality and banter in this new khalasar. Many sex threats and one terrible poker face later, Dany learns that she is getting shipped back to the closest thing the Dothraki have to a capitol to spend the rest of her days with the other widows of slayed Khals. She doesn’t seem very happy about it, but I bet it will be much less frustrating than the city she left behind.


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Our last stop in Essos was in Braavos, where we can apparently expect a blind Arya to get the snot beat out of her on the daily. Maisie Williams has said that Arya doesn’t get to do much this season, but I hope that she was joking and that we can expect more than a bunch of ridiculously unfair training sessions.

Overall, I enjoyed “The Red Woman.” I like that we got to check in with everyone, and I liked that we began and ended at The Wall. I thought it flew by far too quickly while leaving me in suspense for the next episode and wanting more from everyone but the Sand Snakes. I am looking forward to next week!

What did you think of the season 6 premiere “The Red Woman”? Let me know below!