Things get a little heated in this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, “Book of the Stranger,” so buckle up and let’s dive in for a recap!

For those of you not caught up…



The North

It appears that we will continue starting out every episode with Jon, first seen this week preparing to leave while Ed voices his completely valid anger at Jon’s decision to abandon The Watch. Their conversation is cut short by the best thing ever to happen in Game of Thrones: a reunion of Stark children. Thank GOD. After Arya and Sansa barely missed each other, I was half expecting Jon to head south before Sansa arrived at The Wall. Their reunion was everything I wanted it to be. The hug was precious, as was seeing the two characters joke around. I’m also super happy that the show acknowledged that Sansa used to be quite a jerk to Jon. In the books, George RR Martin goes into more detail about how Sansa had always looked down on Jon for being a bastard. I’m happy the show didn’t pretend that they were always close.



While Jon and Sansa are discussing what to do next, Brienne, Davos and Melisandre have an… interesting conversation. I think the dynamic here is pretty weird. First of all, Davos and Melisandre seem to be getting on pretty well, which is unusual considering they’ve never seen eye to eye. I also thought it was weird that Davos still doesn’t know what happened to Shireen. I would have thought that he would have asked immediately, although I guess that he did have other things on his mind (specifically Jon’s death and resurrection) that took precedence.  Davos did find out specifically what happened to Stannis though, as Brienne proudly announced that she had killed him. Given Brienne’s lingering loyalty to Renly, the three make very unlikely allies. However, they are all loyal to either Sansa or Jon, so seeing how they will work together should be pretty neat.

By the end of “Book of the Stranger”, Team Stark has a plan, ignited by a letter from the Boltons. I guess Jon’s earlier plan to become a pacifist is going to have to be put on hold.

One glorious moment from “Book of the Stranger” was Tormund sending Brienne flirty glances over a plateful of slop, and Ed’s reactions to the whole thing. That is a romance I can get behind 110%. Fingers crossed they get to fight together.

We very briefly went back to Winterfell this week. In short, Osha tries to trick Ramsey the same way she tricked Theon, and he kills her. Once Osha and Ramsey were in the same room together, I figured she probably wouldn’t leave the room alive. For a little bit, I thought that maybe she would become Ramsey’s new personal sex slave for a few episodes, but I’m pretty happy that wasn’t the case. The important takeaway here is that poor Rickon is all alone at Winterfell.

The Vale



Oh, Robin Arryn. What a weird hopeless boy who also apprently had a growth spurt between seasons. This is the first time we’ve been back to The Vale in a while, and the politics are still messed up, as per usual. Now that Sansa is out of his clutches, seeing Petyr Baelish manipulate those around him is fun to watch.

Kings Landing

The High Sparrow is definitely not my favourite character, however, getting to see more Margaery was totally worth another fanatic conversation. I’m beginning to wonder if any of the stories that he tells are true. I never completely believe him, it reminds me when those of The House of Black and White tell stories to the people they are helping along.

After speaking with the High Sparrow, Margaery finally gets to see Loras. Poor Loras is a broken man. He is ready to do anything to get out, and Margaery loves her brother so much that she’ll do anything he asks.

Back at the Red Keep, Cersei is crashing more meetings that she’s not invited to. First she walks in on Maester Pycelle advising Tommen about what to do with The High Sparrow. It’s pretty clear that after their conversation last week, the High Sparrow has got his claws in Tommen. Cersei’s next stop is the small council where, accompanied by Jamie, she drops the bomb that Margaery has agreed to confess her crimes and make her own walk of atonement. Jamie’s plan to use force against the Faith Militant sounds dubious at best. I really doubt that it will work, and it seems Olenna Tyrell is skeptical, too, although she didn’t  offer up a better solution. I love Olenna. Now that she and Cersei are on the same side, I hope that we get to see more of her.

The Iron Islands

There isn’t much to say about the Iron Islands this week. Theon is back home with his sister, and they have a less than joyous reunion as Yara thinks that Theon has come back for the kingsmoot. However that is obviously not the case and Theon pledges loyalty to his sister’s claim to the throne.





In Meereen, team Dany attempts diplomacy with those funding the Sons of The Harpy, and it doesn’t go very well. Turns out that Tyrion’s plan is to allow the cities 7 years to end slavery while they adjust to a new system. Also, he called in some prostitutes to the meeting, which is a total slap in the face to Missandei and Grey Worm, who already are wary of trusting him. Other former slaves in Meereen find out that they are meeting with The Masters, and they are not pleased. Tyrion’s plan might end up costing the rag-tag group of leaders the little trust they have. While I understand that overthrowing slavery without a system to replace it is complicated, I’ve got to side with the former slaves on this one. I’m also wondering why Varys doesn’t seem to be getting involved. He seemed extremely uncomfortable during the diplomacy meeting, but he kept silent. I’m anticipating that this agreement will not go well. On another note, Missandei and Grey Worm were sort of wearing matching outfits this episode and I thought they looked fantastic.

Hopping over to Vaes Dothrak, Daario and Jorah are on the prowl again. I hate their dialogue. Not only was it gross to hear Daario talking about Dany like that, it just seems so stilted. It also doesn’t make sense to me that Daario isn’t already aware of the customs of Vaes Dothrak and of the Dothraki. He fights with an Arakh, has he really never heard of the customs of their only city before? Thank goodness someone finally found out about Jorah’s Greyscale though.

The Dosh Kaleen seem to be warming up to Dany; she even makes a few friends! I have a couple of thoughts about this: one, I think that all women everywhere should call each other “khaleesi”; two, there is clearly a reason why women always go to the bathroom in groups, as demonstrated when Jorah and Daario attack Dany’s new friend as they try to convince Dany to run away with them.

Since sneaking out of Vaes Dothrak is a terrible idea, Dany proposes a new plan. Since she is already going to be in a room with all of the warlords as they decide her fate, why not just burn the whole damn building down?



And that’s exactly what happens. After Dany mocks the warlords, they decide that she’ll be raped instead of being allowed to stay with the Dosh Kaleen, so she tips over the fires lighting the room and burns everyone inside while she walks out unscathed.

This is turning into quite the party trick for Dany. While I understand that this is a different situation from when she walked out of the fire the first time with her dragons, it seemed like she was just back in the same place she was in Season One.

Honestly, I feel very lukewarm about this episode. While I loved seeing the Stark reunion, there wasn’t a lot else that I thought was exciting.

What did you think about the episode “Book of the Stranger”? Thoughts on Daenerys and her fiery scene?