While waiting not so patiently for Season 6 and the next book in the series to arrive,  I’ve decided to prepare and fuel my speculating by re-watching the last 5 seasons. (Thank you HBO Now *kisses*) And you’re invited!

Thanks to this wonderful site shared with me by the wonderful illustrious overlords, I know that it will take me 1 day, 22 hours, and 6 minutes to watch every single existing episode of Game of Thrones. Each season is a little over 9 hours, excluding the first episode which is about an hour and a half. With at least five months until Season 6 premieres (no exact date but scheduled for Spring 2016), I figure a month per season should work wonderfully.

image source: www.answers.com

image source: www.answers.com

Here is our schedule!

October: Season 1
November: Season 2
December: Season 3
January: Season 4
February: Season 5

Which will leave us all caught up by the beginning of March and ready for Season 6!

The last week of every month I’ll post my thoughts about the season I’ve been watching that month and I encourage those of you who are fans of the show to watch along with me! If you want to join in on the fun, head to our dedicated forum here to post your thoughts.

So walk with us on our journey of rediscovery…

Pull a friend close and cuddle up on the throne to rewatch with us…

Pour yourself a nice big glass of Lannister happy juice…

And watchalong. Remember to join us on the forums here!