The Games of Thrones rewatch continues as we are getting close to the new season! This time we’re talking about Season 4. If you want to catch up, you can find the rewatch summaries of the three previous seasons here, here, and here.

If you’re not caught up yet with the series, then beware! Winter is coming, as are spoilers through Season 4 of the show.

game of thrones season 4 the red viper

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Oberyn Martel

Season 4 has been the most fun to rewatch so far, and that is mostly because of one character; Oberyn Martel.

I LOVE him. I’m still impressed that we were collectively able to fall so completely in love with him and then be so heartbroken when he lost his battle with The Mountain when we’d only known him for less than a season. I’d read the books before this season aired originally, and so I knew what was going to happen both times I’ve watched his last fight. However, knowing that he was doomed just made me love him all the more.

Oberyn is an interesting character to watch a second time. He is so charming that it is very easy to get swept along with his charisma, but on a second viewing, I was able to analyze how he navigates King’s Landing a little bit more. Dorne’s sigil is a sun pierced by a spear, but the animal they have embraced as their own is a snake. Any character associated with a snake is typically a bad guy, and usually very sneaky. I think it is so interesting to look at this particular snake fail for being too just; a trait usually found in extremely trustworthy characters. Especially because many just and fair characters in other stories are associated with lions, an animal that means something a little different in Westeros.

game of thrones season 4 joffrey wedding

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Speaking of the Lannisters, another big happening this season was Joffrey’s wedding to Margaery and his almost immediate death. While I do miss the character of Joffrey dearly, boy oh boy did his death make for some good television.

Besides the dramatic death scene, I loved the wedding because of all the great character moments. The occasion gave an amazing opportunity for people who rarely or never share the screen, and some who will mostly likely never do so again, to have a conversation. The wedding also gave me a chance to think on what Sansa and Tyrion’s relationship would have been like had Joffrey not been murdered. I doubt Sansa would have ended up escaping that day without the distraction of the king being poisoned, so I image that the two would spend a bit more time being unhappily married. I don’t think that Sansa would ever have considered Tyrion a friend, but I do think that she realizes that they are both victims of the Lannister’s rule. Nothing unites people like a common enemy, and I hope that those two characters get reunited somewhere down the road.

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Instead, this season we get to see Sansa be the most badass she’s ever been. Seeing her learn how to play Littlefinger is very satisfying. Although she doesn’t have him as figured out as she thinks she does, I do like her storyline this season. The Eyrie never fails to be unbelievably creepy, and the lady of the Vale never fails to be absolutely crazy and terrifying.

Season 4 was the best of Arya and The Hound’s dynamic. I love how those two characters grow to care for each other, and the visual of the huge Hound and tiny Arya never fails to make me smile.


This season also had some amazing fights! For me, two fights stand out as extraordinary. One is the massive battle for The Wall. That entire episode is so cinematically amazing (that tracking shot!), it is really one of my favorite episodes of the entire series.

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The other stand out fight this season is the one between The Hound and Brienne. It is still one of the most brutal on-screen fights I have ever seen, and the fact that it ends so badly for both parties that it makes everything all the more tragic.

Season 4 where Dany starts to get seriously bogged down with politics. It is also where the questionable creeper romance between Grey Worm and Missandre begins. I liked Dany’s storyline a lot more before she decided to start conquering. There are too many political happenings going in real life right now for me to want to deal with imaginary politics too!