It’s October and that means HALLOWEEN! Sorry if I’m a little excited, but I LOVE Halloween and dressing up and all the other things that come with Halloween. And one of those things is the fun Halloween music.

I have chosen 3 great songs by some fun Halloween themed bands that you may not have heard of, but definitely need to check out.

1) Buried Alive by Creature Feature

This band takes the Halloween/spooky theme and runs with it. All their songs are about death or zombies or ghosts or other horror themed topics, but they do it in a fun catchy way. Their songs make a great playlist addition for a Halloween party or just to get you in the mood for Halloween. Or even an all year round mix if you enjoy them, like I do.


2) Dead Man’s Bones by Dead Man’s Bones

I have chosen to use the video by Nathan Barnatt because his dance to this song in his skeleton suit is just perfect and entertaining. Dead Man’s Bones is a music duo, made up of Ryan Gosling (yes, THE Ryan Gosling) and Zach Shields. They have an older type feel to their music and write about ghosts. Aside from the novelty factor they do have a good sound and are worth checking out.


3) Brains! by Voltaire

I love Voltaire and his unique jazz style. He has some Halloween themed songs, but also some geeky themed songs and just a great overall sound. It’s unique and fun. And this particular song was from the tv show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy so you know it’s worth a listen.


There are many other Halloween themed songs and bands out there, and some may be more popular, but I have chosen these 3 in the hopes you may not have heard of them and it will broaden your musical horizons.



It wouldn’t be Halloween without Rocky Horror Picture Show!