Late in 2014, Disney announced that the Norway Pavilion would be getting rid of the Maelstrom ride and replacing it with a Frozen themed ride as the hit movie takes place in Norway. Check out the recently released concept art for the ride named Frozen Ever After!

Based on the image and reports, the ride will be the same type of ride Maelstrom was, just with different dressings. The ride will not feature new songs, but will feature new lyrics to existing melodies. While waiting in line, guests will visit Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post. Then they will board their logs to visit the trolls, hear Elsa letting it go, and see more of their favorite characters from Arendelle.

Anna Elsa Snow Queen

The House of Mouse faced some outrage regarding the ride from yours truly, our Dahling Overlordess Stewie, and many other fans.

The common complaints about this decision? I got a bit Twilight Sparkle and made a bulleted list.

  • Epcot is a park based on science and facts, not fantasy.
    • A Frozen ride should really go in Magic Kingdom.
  • Maelstrom was a wonderful ride!
    • COOL, as in literally cold. Great when you need a break from the Orlando sun.
    • Fun and educational for all ages!
    • Stylized differently than any other attraction, which is what the World Pavillion is all about.
  • Too much Frozen!
    • Why aren’t the princesses enough?

Here are videos of the Norway Pavilion and the Maelstrom Ride. Rest in Peace Maelstrom.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Image Sources: Featured Image, Concept Art