This Saturday, May 2nd, is Free Comic Book Day! Every year since 2002, the first Saturday of May has been deemed Free Comic Book Day, where you can find a participating store to pick up a free comic! Participating stores are not only giving out free comic books, but they’re bringing in comic artists and writers, having special sales, and holding cosplay contests. They’re making full day events around it!


So how do you join in? Head over to the site to find out what nearby store is participating. You can also check out the site to see what comic books will be available for free.

Here’s a sample of the comics you’ll be able to find on Saturday:







If you’re looking to check out some new comics, introduce a friend to comics, or share your love of comics with a young person, then Free Comic Day is the perfect opportunity to do this! Their selection of kid-friendly titles is always great and there’s usually wide range of genres for the teen and adult titles.

So remember to check out the Free Comic Book Day site to see what local store is participating and have some fun on Saturday!

xo Sparkles