Free comic books? Yes please! Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is an annual event that happens on the first Saturday in May where comic shops all over North America and internationally offer a selection of free comics to their customers.  Free Comic Book Day started as a way to introduce new readers to the world of comics, and thank current comics readers for their continued support. Each year publishers put out different titles for FCBD geared at introducing new readers to their comics. These titles can be “special” editions of previously released issues (usually #1’s), sampler packs with a bunch of that publishers’ popular or upcoming titles, or issue #0’s which are typically introductions or prologues for exciting new titles or events.

Each shop has their own way of doing things but typically you get 1-5 comics just for showing up, and then many shops will allow you to “unlock” more depending on how much money you spend in the store while you’re there, or for bringing donations for local charities, etc.  So if you’re thinking about checking out a FCBD event this year, take a look at what comics you can pick up on May 7th:

All images via Free Comic Book Day

If you’d like to check out a Free Comic Book Day event near you, head to their website and check out their store locator.  Don’t forget to show us your FCBD haul! Comment below, tweet us, or show us on instagram what you picked up!