If you live in America (and probably even if you don’t) then you know that the Fourth of July was this week! It’s one of my favorite holidays, it brings my whole family together to enjoy the things we love most, food, family, music, and fire! We always have a bonfire. It can be fun to have a holiday inspired makeup look, so I’ve got one ready to go for you. Let’s get started!

First start out with your favorite summer base: foundation, concealer, contour, all the basics. I did a light layer of foundation, concealer and I highlighted. Don’t forget to prime your eyes!

Next I tried to decide where I wanted the colors to go. I know it’s red, white, and blue, but I decided I didn’t want red on the outside and I couldn’t have red on the inside; when you’re as pale as I am it makes one look sick, so I needed to get a little more creative. I finally just went into autopilot and put blue on the outside, and I winged it out a little just to give a generally more defined shape to the eye.

For the next step, I took a red lip pencil and applied that to my lid lightly to be a base for the shadow that will go on top. It doesn’t have to be perfect or anything; this is just to help the shadow stick, as red can be a little tricky in an eyeshadow. I took a red shadow and applied that on top of the lip pencil I just put down. This combination will result in very high color pay off and a very smooth lid.

For the last color, I decided to use a shimmery white to contrast the two matte shades I used. I applied this shimmery white to the inner corner of my eye using a flat brush.

After that it’s eyeliner and mascara time! You can do whatever eyeliner you’d like, but I decided to go with my normal big wing.

You can stop here and pair it with your favorite lip color (a nice red or even blue would work), but I’m not finished.

After I did eyeliner and mascara, I took eyeliner and drew some stars on my face to give this look a truly festive feel. I drew three on one side and one on the other side. You can do this with colored liner, too, and it creates a little touch of drama. I’ve had many people ask in the past how I do it and if they’re stickers, but they are simply freehand drawn.

A good thing to remember is that the human brain and our eyes like odd numbers, so three is a very good number to remember when you’re doing any kind of makeup art.

And that’s it! I used a nice red lipstick to finish off the look and bring it all together, though you could leave your lips bare if you’d like or as I mentioned, use a blue lip color.

What are some things your family does for the Fourth of July?