Hello you brilliant humans! Are you enjoying the Birthday Week Celebrations so far? I sure am! Everything is filling me with warm fuzzy feelings. But this post isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. I put out a call on twitter a while back for iggles with shops to get a hold of me, & if you saw that & wondered what it was about, it was about assembling a Birthday Giveaway that would capture the true community spirit of the IGGPPC. Everything in this giveaway is brought to you by fellow iggles! Let’s take a look!


Hadas of Common Room is offering up the winner’s choice of any item from the Common Room shop! There are gobs of choices, both in terms of type of item & appearance.


My favorite part of IGGPPC is how supportive and positive most members seem to be. I’ve done a few pen pal rounds and I found one great friend (Hi Lianne!), and many others just through the community (too many shoutouts!). Please keep attracting lovely letter writers and geeks. đŸ™‚


Mafalda is opening a new shop, & is granting the winner three notecards & two cross stitched artworks! We wish her the best of luck in this new venture, her items definitely deserve to earn her success.


I’m a simple girl, married, and a proud owner of my amazing dog, living a busy life… That’s why I need my escape, my world… So I created JustCombined! At the beginning it wasn’t supposed to be a shop, but it moved that way… So… In the shop you’ll find some of the things that I love on a daily basis, and the ones that I love to create. The style can be a little geek, vintage and retro! I’m a girl… I love lots of styles!
What I love about IGGPPC is that we all are geeks in our own way! And everyday we move to the same end… Make new friends, share what we love… And… Make a lot of swaps! I’m glad I found IGGPPC… Because of that I made more friends and know a lot more! IGGPPC FOREVER!


Toni designs buttons & magnets & is a lovely lady! She’s got a Don’t Worry, I Speak Nerd design that she’s giving to the winner on a button.


Hello! My name is Toni, the geeky artist behind Little House of Crafting. In addition to running my shop I’m a receptionist by day and an art student by night. In my spare time – when I have it – I enjoy reading, playing video games, and TV show marathons. I’m also addicted to tea.
I love being a part of IGGPPC because there’s always something going on! Between bake-a- longs, watch-a-longs and different challenges there’s something for everybody!


Tessa has partnered with us for a giveaway before with her krmbal store, but is graciously offering up more for our birthday event! This time it’s a Lucky Cat 5×7 print.


I’m Tessa. I’m a graphic designer and I really love t-shirts. I spent most of my career in the apparel industry and then decided to launch my own brand that would focus on being eco-conscious. I design all the graphics, although Lucky Cat was a collaboration between my cousin’s daughter and myself, which was both fun and kind of awesome to be able to involve her in my business and help her fund a bit of college expense at the same time.
I just joined the IGGPPC book club this year, but I really love it so far! I also love chatting with other iggles on twitter đŸ™‚


Amanda’s shop focuses on lovely bracelets, & we’re looking forward to seeing her new options revealed! She’s got a couple of very special bracelets for our winner– one inspired by Grand Admiral Thrawn, & a very special iggle bracelet designed just for you.



Unbound Soul Designs was born when I was seeking some affordable jewelry with good energy. It didn’t seem to exist, so I decided to create my own! Most of my bracelets contain semi-precious gemstones and have a specific energetic purpose in mind when they are being created. I have recently been branching out and using seed beads and charms, especially for the geekier ventures. I’ll be adding some new geeky stuff in the shop soon… These Grand Admiral bracelets are a sneak peek of what’s to come.
I found the IGGPPC brought a blog, and have fallen in love with the community. The people are wonderful, & I love that even though it is comprised of a large group of people, it feels close-knit like a family!


Iris makes a bunch of fun stuff for her two shops– the prize she’s contributing is from Bon Bon Betties, but you should also check out Betwixt Baubles! If you win this giveaway, she’s letting you pick a Try Me conversation heart necklace, in either yellow or blue.


It has been said that I was born with crayons in hand. Since my early years I have had some kind of artistic creations in the works. Perfumes. OOAK/Modifying dolls. Beadwork. Making clothes. Graphic Art. Cartooning. Poetry. Writing. Painting. Claying. Pet creations. Glassworks. Not all have been pure art forms but all have involved it in some way. Currently I reside and work in the city of 100 waterfalls near the historical Hamilton Ontario area. I share space with a motley crew of two dogs that think they are cats, some things that go bump in the night, and a young son with an old soul.
I love IGGPPC because being a geek and a gamer, it’s lovely to have a place with so many others like you.


So what are you waiting for? Enter now, & celebrate iggles connecting with iggles!

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If you are an iggle with a shop & would be interested in partnering with IGGPPC for a giveaway, review, or advertising, please send an email to valerie@geekgirlpenpals.com!