Are you ready to come on a quest with us? This month, LootCrate wants to send 2 of you on a Quest with their April box! Whether it’s taking on the White Witch and freeing Narnia, or trying to rescue your beloved Buttercup from Prince Humperdinck as she wishes, or heroically freeing Fantasia from the grips of The Nothing, your quest awaits. Which quest will you embark on, and will you be victorious?

2 lucky entrants will win April’s LootCrate. They must order their LootCrate by April 19 and be a new subscriber to qualify for this giveaway. Simple as that! So what are you waiting for? The quest awaits, fearless warrior. Tread carefully, make friends, and have fun. That’s an order.

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Here at the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, we’re continuously sending nerds on quests. Quests to find new friends by signing up for a pen pal on the 15th of every month, quests to find something weird in their mailbox by signing up for a swap, or quests to make friends online and offline by hanging out at the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. Everyone’s welcome. Except Prince Humperdinck. He can just go away.