Greetings, IGGPPC Nation! We’ve got a bit of belated celebrating to do. During IGGPPCamp we had a special week-long challenge created for us by The Mighty Jerd. I am proud to show off our EIGHT fantastic challenge winners:


CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH OF YOU! And hats off as well as to the numerous iggle fitness buffs who also gave the challenge a try throughout the week.

For completing all nine days of the challenge, the Winners each received a copy of Jerd’s…


In this set Jerd takes an incredible amount of information about healthy living and eating, adds his own geeky spin, and presents a strategy in three quick reads that absolutely anyone can pick up and carry out. He arms readers with the knowledge needed to whip together a solid personal philosophy and start making real change in their daily lives.

These books are the real deal, and we thought this would be a great time to pass the word along about a solid resource to our fellow health-minded iggles. So, we asked a few of our IGGPPCamp winners to scope out their prizes and provide their candid opinions. Here’s what they had to say!

I’ve always been told how to make small health changes that can snowball into life changes but no one actually told me how. The Mighty Jerd did, and in a way that was short and pithy. He also believes that health food doesn’t have to be bland, which, I think most “health” places do (yeah, I’m looking at you Whole Foods!). And mostly, because diet books suck usually, they’re short. Which is great, because you know, squirrel! Buy these books! A diet book that advocates actually eating bacon, I’m on board with that.”


I really enjoyed reading The Hero’s Transformation. The Mighty Jerd packs a lot of information in three books and it’s definitely worth going over more than once. I really enjoyed the introduction to the Basal Metabolic Rate and the Harris-Benedict Formula to calculate resting metabolic rate and how many calories one should eat in a day. I’ll be reading these books over and over again!


Overall, the books are easy to follow with a great conversational tone. While I disagree with some of the particular statements in the books (e.g., guilt and shame are NOT good motivators and iceberg lettuce does have nutritional value…it’s just not as nutritionally dense as other types of lettuce), the range of information covered (particularly in Book 1) and the overall encouraging and empowering message make these a good starting point for anyone who is otherwise overwhelmed by the amount of diet and nutrition information out there.


Two members of the Iggle Fitness team also checked out the guides and wanted to share their findings. We’re always on the look out for resources that our group can dig into and use to stay motivated, and Jerd’s books fit the bill.

I spent an evening reading through all three of The Mighty Jerd’s books on healthy eating, and it was definitely time well spent. As a vegan, the recipes were definitely not targeted towards me (though there were links included to some helpful recipe sites for those with special dietary needs, like vegetarians, vegans, paleo, etc.) but on the other hand, I never felt excluded either. The conversational tone of the books made me feel like I was getting advice from a friend, not reading a holier-than-thou expert trying to tell me how to live my life, and I appreciated that the books were loaded with encouragement while still remaining realistic about how difficult it can be to make the switch to a healthy lifestyle. The focus on small, sustainable changes rather than complete and immediate overhauls makes these books a great starting point for anyone wanting to build healthy eating habits but unsure where to start.


The Mighty Jerd’s new series of Heroes’ Transformation healthy eating guides are an excellent starting point for anyone interested in achieving lasting, healthy changes in their dietary habits. The engaging “geeky” spin makes the topics accessible even to nutrition neophytes. I began my own pursuit of healthier eating a few years ago and it took me quite a while to research, sift through, and amass the same information efficiently presented in these guides. What I appreciate most is Jerd’s focus on changing your mindset by taking responsibility for your choices – this means not only learning to evaluate your intake, but also actively pushing yourself to be more adventurous with your food. Jerd’s zeal for fitness shines through these motivating books.


All of this sound GREAT to you? You can nab a copy of The Heroes’ Transformation guide over at Check out that link to read about Jerd’s personal fitness story and why he created the guide.

And as always, keep up the good work, fitness champs!