The holidays are fast approaching! Need something perfect for the feminist geeky in your life? Here’s some ideas of what to get them!

For the feminist that loves to write letters

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Check out these awesome stamps that you can buy from Zazzle! Add a little feminism to every letter that they send! Rosie has always been a feminist icon, and she looks great on a stamp.










Who doesn’t need a sassy feminist shirt?

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Lookhuman has lots of feminist shirts, and lots of geeky ones, and even feminist geeky  ones! You can’t go wrong buying someone a shirt, everyone always needs new clothes,  right?









For the misandrist in your life


For the friend who needs something to drink all the tears of the patriarchy they are out crushing.





For the arts and crafts lover


Who doesn’t love to color? And you get to learn about feminist icons? Double score.









How about feminism in your mailbox monthly?


Bitch Magazine is the feminist periodical, whose mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture. Perfect for the person on your list that always seems to know what’s going on.







Looking for more feminist reading?

download  Possibly the most important play of our time. Eve Ensler conducted interviews with over 200 women and  then wrote up monologues based off these interviews, and the production takes place all over the world!  (Hint: it’s what this blog is normally about!)









Maybe something a little lighter for the reader on your list?

download (1) A comic is a great gift for people of all ages, and something a little less serious that they may not even realize that  they are being exposed to a dose of feminism!








For the friend that really loves their pajamas

shop-icon Punjammies are made through the International Princess™ Project, whose mission is to create  pathways to freedom for women escaping the ravages of sex slavery to achieve lives of hope and  dignity. They employ women and teach them a trade, giving them a job and a skill that they can take  with them. Each pair of Punjammies is named after a woman in one of our sewing centers







What about their keys?

KEYCHAIN-UTERUS_lrg_grande Have a friend that can’t keep track of their keys? Or know someone that feels strongly about reproductive rights? Give  them a little uterus to carry around with them!





Have fun shopping feminists! Happy holidays!