Happy February Iggles! Spring is just around the corner (for us in the Northern Hemisphere), and we can’t wait! We’re busy trying to finalize the new changes we rolled out in January, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been doing some fun stuff too. This is how we’re keeping busy! Let us know how you’ve been keeping busy in a comment.

Pick: Agnes Obel, Philharmonics [Album]
Sometimes an album comes along that gets under your skin and rattles your bones. Agnes Obel’s ‘Philharmonics’ has done exactly that for me. I discovered it through the track ‘Riverside’ which was on a playlist on spotify. Hauntingly beautiful, it is the kind of music for cold mornings and dark nights.

Pick: Agent Carter [TV Show]
I’ll fully admit – I was not expecting to like the Agent Carter tv show at all, but I’m SO glad I was completely wrong. Unlike Agents of SHEILD, which I do not like, Agent Carter creates a believable comic book reality and populates it with some great characters. The show picks up with Steve’s best gal Peggy in New York City as the world gets back to “normal” after the end of the war. Peggy’s character in the first Captain America movie often felt more eye candy than substance, but taking center stage in her own show, Agent Carter is kicking butt and taking names. I’m completed invested in these characters and for me, everything just works.

Pick: Berger Bytes [Twitch Streamer]
You guys may or may not know, but I started streaming on Twitch a few times a week. In my travels on Twitch, to try to find other great and interesting streamers, I found BergerBytes, a charming red-headed dude who is equal parts hilarious and amusing. He streams a variety of games, most recent of which include Dark Souls, Don’t Starve Together, Stranded Deep, and Five Night’s at Freddy’s, so be sure to follow him on Twitch and check him out! The laughs, the laughs – they won’t stop!

Pick: Cat Lady from Em and Sprout [Accessory]
I chose the Cat Lady Heart Necklace from emandsprout on Etsy. I’ve been a fan of the emandsprout Etsy shop for years. I just adore her designs! This wooden charm Cat Lady necklace is one of my favourites in her shop because of my cat lady status. All cats have my heart.

Pick: Golden Sound Coffee Shop [Place]
Yeah, yeah, I know. This isn’t exactly a product or form of media, but I have been obsessed with this place lately, LET ME TELL YOU. Nashville has broken out in a rash of quirky coffee shops since I’ve moved here, and several have a special place in my heart for a variety of reasons (vibe, ethos, drinks, etc). Golden Sound is a spinoff of a popular haunt called Barista Parlor in East Nasty, and since I fled to it in search of a study haven in December, I’ve come to adore it. The staff are super friendly, there’s tons of natural lighting, and they spin great vinyl for all to enjoy. You’ll find me studying by a window with an Irish Whisker (coffee with sweet cream, star anise, orange zest, and a spritz of Jameson) and a strawberry Pop’s Tarts (homemade Pop Tarts). If you’re traveling through the area, I’d highly recommend dropping by.

Pick: Munchkin Loot Letter [Board Game]
I just played this game called Loot Letter, which is apparently a variation on a game called Love Letter, but since I haven’t played Love Letter I won’t talk about Love Letter. 😉 What makes this game so fascinating to me is that there’s only 16 cards, so once you understand the gameplay dynamics it’s got interesting yet simple strategies. Some rounds are super quick, some rounds draw on for a while, all have potential for much laughter & fun. I didn’t win a single round, but it was brilliant!

Pick: Mistborn Series [Books]
This month I’m really into the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. I picked up the first book last month and I’m nearly finished with the second book! (By the time this is published I might actually be reading the third book.) It’s truly an incredibly written series and I’m mad at myself for not having read it sooner! It’s an example of amazing world building, a heist story similar to a fantasy version of Ocean’s Eleven, with a wonderfully creative magic system called allomancy that relies on ingesting and using metals to wield power. I won’t give much away, but I’ve been recommending this series to everyone! And there’s another book in the series coming out this fall, so now I’ve got that to look forward to!

Pick: Retro Jam [Website]
This month I’ve discovered a website called retroj.am that puts together a trip down Nostalgia Street by automatically creating playlists from your childhood. My list from middle school was especially fun for me as it brought up songs that associate with SUCH distinct memories but that have been tucked away in the back of my head for years. It’s funny how pop music becomes the soundtrack of your past, even if you didn’t listen to those songs at the time.

Pick: Sailor Moon Tank Top [Clothing]
Since committing to being serious about my health and working out, I’ve been loving some of the super cute geeky workout wear available. This shirt is one on a list of things I have earmarked for the shopping binge I’m planning for my gym wardrobe.