Fearless Defenders #6

Story by Cullen Bunn

Art by Will Sliney

Fearless Defenders 6

What you need to know…

In Marvel’s all-ladies series, Cullen Bunn brings together some of the company’s best female character into one book. Valkyrie, an Asgardian warrior, was charged with finding Shieldmaidens on Migard (Earth) to act as protectors of this realm. Valkyrie, however, didn’t believe there were any women worthy of standing beside her to act as warriors. She spent much of her time on Earth fighting on her own and enjoying the simple pleasures of humans, such as good food, good drink, and good sex.

Her actions create a vacuum, allowing for the Doom Maidens to come to Earth through Dani Moonstar’s Valkyrie energy. These Doom Maidens had lived off the madness of war for centuries, and are shells of their former Asgardian selves. All is not lost – Misty Knight has taken charge and called in some of her closest female fighting friends to send the Doom Maidens back to where they came from.

Fearless Defenders interior

In this issue…

Valkyrie reveals that she was, for a time, a Doom Maiden. In a flashback, we see how the constant slaughter she engaged in as Odin’s Valkyrie changed her in ways that can be explained. Her former life as a Doom Maiden consumes her in the present, making her a formidable enemy to Misty Knight and her hired hands. With ease, Valkyrie takes down powerhouses like She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Storm, and Hippolyta. All seems lost until Annabelle, an archeologist friend of Misty’s, steps into the ring. What does Annabelle bring to the table to calm Valkyrie’s rage? What is she capable of that so many heroes lack?

Issue #6 wraps up the first arc in Fearless Defenders. It has been a great ride getting to know more about the marvelous women of Marvel. This comic, following on the heels of solo-lady series like Captain Marvel and Red She-Hulk, is truly Marvel’s answer to the lack of women-centric stories in comics. Yes, it is difficult to find a superhero comic that portrays women positively. Fearless Defenders not only sheds a positive light on female superheroes, but Bunn has explicitly stated that he plans to keep Fearless Defenders an all-women book. There is nothing more exciting than seeing an action-oriented comic book that features women. Hopefully Fearless Defenders will continue to receive support from the comic book industry and have a great run.


Images from Fearless Defenders #6.