In my lifetime I have read a rather large amount of books. Books about romance, horror, crimes, magic, elves, and all the rest of it! And as much as I could relate to a lot of the things I had read, the characters were fictional and would never become people I could connect with in the real world. As a child who was isolated by my interests in video games, figures and the obsession I had with being Spider-man, I was alone in rooms filled with friends and classmates.

Earlier this year my fiance gifted me a book he thought was right up my street, and at the time it really was a beautiful gift and so fitting for me, it made me feel a rare sense of pride in my geekhood. And oh what a book it is. It gives any geek, girl or boy, even more resources to follow their own path into their fandoms. And the best thing I got from this book was one sentence that led me to Geek Girl Pen Pals; a place where I was promised that I would feel at home with my own kind, where I could express my love for magic, elves, dragons and all things I adore.

If I were to be asked to describe this book I would call it more of an inspirational guide written by a beloved geeky girl named Sam Maggs (who is also releasing a follow up book in the fall of 2016, which I am more than excited about!). The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy is split into sections, each meant to assist geeks in their daily geekhood, from advice on how to create awesome cosplays with a low budget to dealing with trolls we may come across. There’s even a section about how to meet people with similar interests, in which Geek Girl Pen Pals is mentioned.

What I found incredible is that I relate to the blurb on the back almost word for word, and I imagine so many others do too. It’s comforting to read and it makes me feel joy when I read it knowing that this was made by someone like me. People who, as a child, I never came across in schools or out and about.


The cover itself is gorgeous, the artwork alone caught my eye in the shop, and as soon as I read that bold title I knew I had to have it, and my fiance did too. And don’t get me wrong, I adore playing games with him and talking geek talk more than anything, but as all do, I felt like I also needed geeks who were girls around me. I’m a girl who hasn’t had girl friends with the same geeky interests. It’s like a gift I never received until I got my hands on this holy grail of books.

And here we are. I found Geek Girl Pen Pals, fell in love with it, got to speak to some gorgeous people, and snail mailed and emailed wonderful girls who have so many interests that are the same as mine! It’s exactly what I wanted to find. And I was given the honor of writing on this gorgeous blog, a wonderful bonus when I adore this community so much.

I recommend this book to anyone. Any geek, girl or boy, young or old, alone or in plenty of company. It made me realise that I’m not weird, and that my loves are what make me who I am, and also how to be considerate to others with interests that don’t go well with mine. We’re all attached to our own fandoms and that’s something that can kindle many friendships too.

If you haven’t already read this book, do so now!

Have you read The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy? What did you make of it?