Hi everyone! Once again, I missed my day  to post. I am REALLY bad at this.
I apologize!

But I figured better late than never, right?

So this post today features a food from Cartoon Network’s new show ‘Clarence’. I have created three treats from this show so far but I thought I would share this one, the most recent one, with you guys!

Note: All photos from the Cartoon Network show ‘Clarence’ belong to their rightful owner. Photos were found on the Clarence wikia page.


I was in the kitchen whipping up something for my menu and I found a box cake mix in my cabinet. I was trying to figure out what to do with it then I saw these silver sprinkles and I thought “Oh hey I can make disco balls from Clarence!” Money Broom Wizard is another one of my favorite episodes of the show because it shows how flippin’ genius Jeff is.

Since I made this quickly I didn’t have anything to set up a decent shot like I normally do aka recreating the elements from which I pulled from.

This recipe is really easy. However, I made my cake pops by baking them in a cake ball maker but you can always make yours the traditional way. But since I have grown to not really like the traditional way I baked mine and went from there.


– 1 box of cake mix. I picked Butter Yellow but you can use any one you want!
– 1 can frosting. I used vanilla since it would help enhance the silver sprinkles.
– Silver sprinkles


– Cake pop maker (or google how to make them traditionally)
– Cake pop sticks


1. Follow instructions on box cake mix to make the batter.

If you’re going to make traditional cake pops then go ahead and bake your cake, make the cake ball mixture and pop em in the fridge to set. You normally attach the stick to the ball with melted chocolate that hardens.

2. If you’re using the cake ball maker then plug it in to let it warm up.

3. Pour your batter into the maker and cook according to your maker’s instructions.

4. After cake balls are done take them out and put them in the  container to cool off.

5. Once cool, dip your sticks in the frosting and then put them into the cake ball.

6. This part was a little annoying because I didn’t use chocolate that hardened. I used icing but with a knife I spread a coat of frosting around the cake ball to create the glue that the sprinkles will stick to. The cake ball will move around and probably slide off but just try your best!

7. To get the sprinkles around the entirety of the cake pop I just put sprinkles in the palm of my hand and gently rolled the cake pop around until it was completely covered.

And this is the end result!


The alternate way is to do the traditional way and coat the cake balls in chocolate that hardens and before it does put the sprinkles on!

Now you’ve got your own little disco ball cake pops!

Have your own finger disco!


Until next time!