Hey Iggles!

I am back with another Fandom Food Friday post!
This is actually a re-post from the old IGGPPC site. I like this one a lot and wanted to re-post it so you guys could have it again!

In this post I will show you how to make some Hobbit Hole doors made from sugar cookie mix. Super easy and super fun (and super delicious!).

Here are the ingredients:

-1 pack of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix
-1 Egg
-White frosting
-Food coloring (green, brown and orange)
-Two cookie cutters (one big and one a little bit smaller)

You’re going to follow the instructions on the back of the sugar cookie mix for the roll out dough. The flour, egg and butter are for this particular recipe on the bag.
back of pack

After making the dough, I split the dough in half and colored one green and one brown. I then popped the dough into the fridge for about an hour so that it can get a little hard. If it’s still sticky, keep it in for another 30 minutes or an hour. You want it to be soft but still be able to roll it not sticky.

split dough

I used the bigger of the cookie cutters on the green dough. The white spots are flour..there was a lot used because my dough was too sticky and I needed for it to not be.

cut out green dough

I also used the bigger one for the brown and then the smaller one to cut the middles out. The green is for the door and the brown is for the brick lining.

brick lining

I used a knife to make lines on the green going down like the panels on Bilbo’s door and then to go around the outside of the brown to make it look like brick stacks.
After doing that, I put them in the freezer for 30 minutes so that the dough could get a bit harder and secure the lines on both sets.
wood lining
brick lining
I used an egg white from another egg (not the one from the ingredient list) to use as a glue to hold the two cookies together. So using egg whites, brush the entire green cookie and using a spatula move the brown to the tops of them. This process was difficult as the brown ended up breaking off into pieces (I cut too deep in some spots) so I had to piece them back together.
putting them together
I then put more egg white on top of the brown to act as a glue to hold the parts that broke off. This also acts as a glossy coat.
Before putting them in the freezer again for another 30 minutes I took my knife to re-score some of the lines on the cookies that may have gotten filled from the egg white or molded itself back together in the freezer.
After another 30 in the freezer I popped them into the oven for about 5-7 minutes and if they weren’t done, I checked them afer 2 minute increments.
As predicted, they did spread a bit so some did (and probably will for you) turn out a bit..ugly. But I took the best one and decided to put the doorknob on it to photograph. Using a TINY bit of icing I put in the copper/orange food coloring and piped it on.
I think this cookie would work better with a go-to sugar cookie recipe. One you know will roll out easily and wont spread (if you want to make a dough from scratch there are plenty of recipes on the web that are no-spread cut out recipes).
Also, you can make the brown part chocolate using cocoa powder. This will not only flavor it but also dye it brown so you wont have to use food coloring if you don’t have it.
Regardless of how they look, they were still delicious! So make your own Hobbit Hole cookies and enjoy!