Nuka world is the 6th and final DLC of Fallout 4.

The DLC takes place in a further part of the Commonwealth that you can only go to with Nuka World installed.  It has several different sections to it for exploring including a funhouse,haunted house, and Fizz Top Mountain.there is also a heavy focus on Raider culture offering you the opportunity to take up with them as their leader. This DLC also features a few different Raider factions to align with along with some new side quests.

Refresh Yourself

Official Media

Official Media

Upon starting up your game after installing Nuka World you must enable the DLC before you start playing. When you load your file you will get a pop-up in the corner of your screen telling you that there is a new radio broadcast you are picking up. When you listen to it you find out it’s a pre-war broadcast that will tell you about the Nuka World shuttle station just outside the edge of the map, right above the Glowing Sea. If you travel there you may have some difficulty with the map limits so be sure to walk straight ahead towards the destination marker in the bottom of your screen. Once there you will have to fight a gang of raiders to gain entrance into the monorail station without being attacked, once inside the fighting will stop if you choose to just run for it and ignore them.

Inside the station, you will find a seemingly injured man lying on the ground who will tell you about the raiders that captured his family. From here you turn on the power for the Monorail system and hop on board to ride to Nuka World.  There an intercom will come on telling you that you must run the gauntlet and the man you found had actually sent you into a trap. Upon entering the gauntlet you will be attacked by multiple different weapons including turrets, grenades, and basic gun fire. The objective is to get through the gauntlet which is generally easy to do. Once through you will enter a bumper car arena where a man in power armor is revealed to be waiting to fight you. The fight is, of course, rigged and the mysterious intercom voice gives you the key to beating him which just happens to be a squirt gun that short circuits his suit so he can take damage.

Raiders Are Your Friend

In- game screenshot of a raider faction member.

In- game screenshot of a raider faction member.

After you finish the first boss fight you are thrown in charge of the raiders as their over boss.  From here you learn there are three factions of raiders you must control  and convince to follow you. These three factions all have different ways they like to do things, in a raider type of way of course.

  • The Pack-  The pack goes by animal hierarchy standards and wants someone who can prove they are the leader of sorts.
  • The Disciples-  The DisciplesWant to participate in violence more and want you to show it to them.
  • The Operators-   The Operators want to make caps and a lot of them, so bribe em with some.

You also will be taking over the remaining areas of Nuka World and assigning territory to each faction. Of course, choosing on faction over the others will displease the ones left out. You can choose not to side completely with one from the get go or even just choose a favorite and give them all of it at once. The choice is completely yours to make no matter what you do! There is also an option to turn down the raiders and just take them all out if you’d rather follow a good path, but be warned that you won’t get much content out of the DLC after that other than exploring the different locations and getting some new gear.

What to Expect


In-game photo of Nuka World statue.

Nuka World is extremely combat heavy, unlike Far Harbor. There isn’t as much story content either and it goes back to the original style of Fallout 4, even going so far as to focus on settlements again as a major part of the quests. The bad part about this is the people who liked Far Harbor probably won’t get as much out of this, and the fans of Fallout 4’s heavy settlement focus very well might end up breaking something out of frustration.  The game will make you attack your own settlements if you choose the route with the most content which will frustrate both parties equally as much. This, of course, is causing a lot of negative reviews for Nuka World. If you don’t care either way, however, then, by all means, go for it. Other huge issues right now are the insane amount of bugs; so far with just my playthrough textures pop in and out, healing doesn’t work right, enemies frequently glitch into getting stuck, and sound clips seem to play at the wrong times.

There are also a lot of story elements that are falling short throughout your playthrough. Like the fact you are thrown into leadership rather abruptly without any hesitation from the raiders other than proving your worth. This is, of course, a little strange to lore lovers of Fallout since raiders are generally a rather opportunistic bunch.  There is also some things that feel unnatural like the forced re-entering of an evil path for your character that could do pretty much no wrong up until this DLC. A few of the voice-overs fall flat as well leading to a sort of awkward mix of lines.

Mixed Signals

In-game screenshot of Fizz Top Mountain.

In-game screenshot of Fizz Top Mountain.

I’m not sure what happened between the transitions from Far Harbor’s story filled island and Nuka World. I think it’s a great add-on by size and things to explore. The bugs will, of course, be fixed as soon as they can get the patches up to speed on the systems, but the bugs are pretty harsh for my Xbox One version at the moment. If you have the season pass I would install it so it’s ready to go, but definitely wait for the next patch so you can play through it without errors. Nuka World is really a DLC that’s up to the player to decide on, are you ok with the combat heaviness and settlement raids? If the answer is yes then pick it up, if no and you still want to play it try it  on a friend’s console or wait for a complete edition.

What do you think of Nuka World, are you in or are you out for the direction jump?