The third DLC for Fallout 4 was released early Thursday morning, and after months of waiting we get the biggest expansion to our games yet. Far Harbor, however, is more like previous Fallout games than its previous DLCs and Vanilla game. It is Bethesda’s biggest DLC map ever made, and it’s packed to the core with content and new weapons for you to collect. There isn’t a karma system, but there are consequences for everything even small decisions. This is one of the best DLCs I’ve played as of late, and we have all the reasons why right here! (Beware, spoilers ahead!)

The Island

Far Harbor is a dream come true for those that are tired of rebuilding the Commonwealth.  Workshop activities are kept almost completely out of the main story, and interaction is heavily put in its place. From the moment you take the case to look for a missing girl and get on the boat to reach the Island, the game gives you the feeling of being alive. The people of the Island have a lot of character development and all have differing opinions on what and how things should be done to fix their problems. All of the factions are well put together, and the emphasis on violent resolution is put back to being an option instead of the forefront of the game. There is always a way to talk it out in the DLC (like in previous Fallout games), and you are not forced into destroying any other factions or towns… unless you liked blowing up Megaton, that is. The quests are also a lot more story-driven and less action-driven, so don’t expect to just go in fight hordes like back in Boston. There are also new weapons, a new follower, and plenty of new enemies to encounter, so pony up and don’t let the fog get you.

The story really starts after you get to Far Harbor you are greeted at the dock by an angry man named Allen, and a kind woman named Captain Avery. Captain Avery informs you that if you fight with them, she will help you find the missing Kasumi, after hearing the warnings from the town watchmen. You get to battle with some of the new enemies: Gulpers and Anglers. After defending the town, Avery tells you need to go to a synth refuge called Acadia and sends you to the local bar to find Longfellow.

Longfellow is one of the very few people who can navigate and survive in the radioactive fog that covers most parts of the island outside of the protection of Far Harbor. He reluctantly agrees to lead you there after some convincing and you run into a Children of Atom Preacher along the way that starts to try to teach you about Atom to his annoyance.

After a few fights with some wolves you make it To Acadia and meet the third faction’s leader DiMA who is hooked into a computer room to keep his centuries worth of memories and he tells you where to find Kasumi. Upon finding her though she tells you she has seen destruction in the memories of DiMA and you begin a quest to help uncover the islands secrets and settle the feud between the Waring factions.

2016-05-20 (7)

Taken from official trailer:The Island.

Faction Beliefs

  • Children of Atom: Believe that the fog is Atom’s will and resent anyone who does not accept it.
  • Far Harbor: Has had there home taking over by the Fog and some blame the Children of Atom for this they keep the fog at bay thanks to the synths technology.
  • Acadia: Believes everyone should live in peace and wants a home to house synths who have run away and do not wish to have their memory wiped or hide from the world.

You have the choice of joining every faction at once and doing quests for them, however some will result in negative reactions from your followers so you should be prepared to have them sit out at times depending on your choices. There is a peaceful, a neutral, and a destructive path that you can take with each of them, and the choice is completely up to you. I will say that the decisions you have to make for almost every path are all an extreme, and there are lots of twists to keep you guessing what the right path is.  Also do remember that Nick Valentine will give you a very unique outlook on things, so try to bring him along for most of the ride.

Taken From Bethesda's official Facebook: DiMA.

Taken From Bethesda’s official Facebook: DiMA.

New Enemies

The new enemies are all completely sea themed, minus the a few ghouls and some wolves. Anglers are humanoid angler-fish that have evolved to spit fire at you and hide in murky water in the fog when there antenna lights up you know they are coming for you. Fog Crawlers are similar to Deathclaws with their speed and damage resistance, and if they catch you will shake you around and make it hard to use weapons to defeat them. Gulpers are the first new enemies you will fight and are incredibly fast; they resemble mutated salamanders and also live in the water. Lastly there are Hermit Crabs: they have mutated into giant beasts and lurk in tankers and large vehicles to surprise their prey. The enemies in Far Harbor seem to scale to your level and are a real challenge, especially when they take you by surprise, so always be stocked on Stimpacks and Radaway or you will find your health low more often than not.

Taken from official trailer: Angler coming out of hiding.

Taken from official trailer: Angler coming out of hiding.

Is It Worth a Play?

The DLC is far more than impressive and is definitely worth a play for anyone missing the previous 3D Fallout games. The story will take you between 8-10 hours with lots of bonus content included.  The characters don’t  have a hive mind and have different thoughts to what should be done and who they want to follow or trust. Quests are sprinkled with more story than action to breathe life into every inch of the island, and the rewards are nothing to joke about as well. Overall this is a completely solid play and I enjoyed it more than the vanilla game itself which is a very good sign for anyone still debating on whether to go ahead and purchase it.

Have you gotten a chance to play Far Harbor yet or have any questions related to it or it’s performance?  Let me know in the comments below or tweet at me on twitter!