Our first interview is with the lovely, Sam Maggs (http://sammaggs.com/).  Sam Maggs is an associate editor at The Mary Sue and the author of The Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy.  If you haven’t read The Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy yet, I highly recommend it. If you’re a new fangirl, it gives you some key resources to get to know more people in the community and an understanding of the vast world of fandoms. If you’ve been an out and proud fangirl for sometime now, this book is still definitely for you! It’s cute, funny and makes my nerdy heart swell. Without any delay, here is my interview with Sam Maggs:

  1. Can you give us three recently released comic book suggestions?

Squirrel Girl! You absolutely have to pick up the first six issues of this comic about Doreen Green, a new college student who just happens to have the equivalent powers of a squirrel. The best thing about the book is how hilariously funny and self-aware it is – she tucks her tail into her pants which gives her a hella sweet butt and she knows it! I laugh out loud every time I read it.

The first volume of the new Batgirl, “Batgirl of Burnside,” just came out, and is a great jumping-on point for new readers. Babs is a 21-year-old hacker genius in the Gotham City equivalent of Brooklyn, and she has to take down a heinous revenge porn ring. The book is drawn by the excellent Babs Tarr, has great diversity, and is super relatable.

And if you’re not into superhero comics, try The Wicked and the Divine or Sex Criminals, both much darker, adult books, but with their own humor and brilliance.

  1. Three recently released video game suggestions? 

Well, they’re not super recently released, but you’ve got to pick up some BioWare games – Mass Effect and Dragon Age are pretty much everything. You get to create your own character, which means you can really see yourself in the game. Plus, their games are known for their in-depth and creative storytelling; you can really immerse yourself in the universe by making different choices to take your character down different paths. And you get to romance people, no matter your sexuality. They’re super, super fun. I wrote a whole post about why you should play Mass Effect even if you hate shooters here.

  1. Mad Max Fury Road has been getting a lot of its attention for its leading lady, Furiosa. The number of women in this action movie that have talking roles, fight and can handle their own, is impressive and refreshing.  In positive and negative light the film has been reviewed as a ‘feminist film.’ Men’s Rights Activist Groups have said to boycott the film because Furiosa ‘barks orders’ at Max. Is Furiosa the strong female lead that we need? Do you think that Mad Max is a ‘feminist’ action film? 

Honestly I am a horrible human and still haven’t seen the movie, but regardless I think it is because tons of feminists I respect have said they feel that it is. I think that it signals an important shift in the way women are represented in films, and in the way we respond to women’s representation in films; it’s becoming less and less okay to make disposable or one-dimensional female characters, and social media has allowed us to be really vocal about what we want from our media representation. It’s cool and necessary.

  1. In the somewhat near future, we have a Captain Marvel movie to look forward to. As a fan of the comic books, do you have a fan cast for the movie? What are you most looking forward to? Do you have any hesitations? Shortly before the Captain Marvel movie, the Wonder Woman movie is coming out. DC and Marvel leading ladies movies coming out around the same time, I am way too excited. Do you have an expectations for the Wonder Woman movie? Do you think that they can create a film where Wonder Woman can reach her amazing potential?

Katee Sackhoff will always and forever be my number one choice for Captain Marvel, but I wouldn’t say no to Nicole Beharie or any of the other names being bandied around. It’s hard because since we only have one female superhero movie we basically want to cast every woman in the role. That just means we need more female superhero movies! In regards to Wonder Woman, it’s no secret that I haven’t been a fan of the DC franchise films and I’m not really sure how well the director of Sucker Punch is going to handle her character. I still wish Gina Carano had landed the role, though I’m stoked she’ll be in Deadpool. Basically we need more women both in front and behind the camera in order to get the representation we really deserve; that’s why I’m excited that Captain Marvel is utilizing lady writers as well as a potential lady director.

And that’s it for our first Fake Geek Girls Like Us interview! Special thanks to Sam Maggs for being this month’s guest, and check back next month for another great interview!