Welcome back to another Fake Geek Girls Like Us interview. This month I talk with my friend from OCAD University, Jay Chau. I feel really fortunate to know lots of talented ladies who make art and nerdy things. It is definitely inspiring to have artists like Jay in your friend group.  We chat about cosplay, San Diego Comic Con, and upcoming movies.

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1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Jay Chau and I am a photographer, bookbinder and printmaker. I am in my 5th year at OCAD University studying in Photography and Printmaking! 20150803_160051

2. What are you currently reading?

Books wise, I’m reading Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography, I Am Malala and Scar Tissue (Anthony Kiedis biography). I read more manga than comics – my current list is Karneval and Kuroshitsuji.

3. What video games are you playing right now?

A hell lot of games! Currently playing Splatoon, Super Smash Bros. for both Wii U and 3DS, Animal Crossing and getting back into Pokemon Omega. I just finished Professor Layton x Ace Attorney.

4. When did you first realize that you may be considered a “nerd” or a “geek”?

It all started out in grade 9 in high school. I went to an all girls high school. I was with a small group of girls who REALLY liked video games but the other girls were making fun of us for playing “childish games”. It kind of hurt me in grade 9 so I kept my “inner nerd” throughout high school.

5. Can you tell us about the cosplay that you have done so far? Also, do you have any cosplay plans for the future?

Back in 2012, I did my first cosplay as Rhyme from The World Ends With YBaymaxou. Building costumes got difficult for me since I don’t own a sewing machine. I have been attending more conventions so I’ve been doing this thing called “Disneybound”. It’s where you dress up as a Disney character but using streetwear. At Anime North this year I dressed up as Baymax from Big Hero 6. I continued to do Disneybounds and went to a cosplay beach meet-up as Mochi (the cat from Big Hero 6!) My upcoming cosplay would be my character from Splatoon for FanExpo!

6. Who is your favourite heroine or badass lady in video games or comic books?

Oh boy this is a doozy. I would say… Zelda from The Legend of Zelda and Aqua from Birth By Sleep.

7. Who was the first female character that you can remember looking up to?BaymaxandMochi

The first female character I remember looking up to is of course Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon. It pretty much told me you could be cute, pretty and clumsy yet still be able to kick ass.

8. What games announced at E3 are you most looking forward to?

Kingdom Hearts 3, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Smash Bros. adding new characters (in fact, I bought everything as soon as it was announced) and Final Fantasy 7 remake.

9. San Diego Comic Con gave us a lot of really cool trailers for upcoming Superhero and Sci Fi movies. Were there any that stood out to you? What are you thoughts on the Suicide Squad trailer? What about the Batman v Superman Trailer?

I just got into the series this year but Star Wars 7. I got off my seat watching the reel and died on the inside. As for the new Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman trailers, I’m really in the middle with them. Suicide Squad I’m only excited because they filmed it in Toronto and I was able to point out the location for each scene. I think they pushed the hype for the movie which lowers my expectations. With Batman v Superman, I’m interested in Ben Affleck’s portrayal as Batman (I dislike Christian Bale as Batman… A LOT). Overall, all the movies are kind of in the middle and I don’t mind watching them when it’s available on DVD.

10. Are there any movies or television shows that are coming out that you are looking forward to (near or distant future)?

I’m really out of touch with TV shows. For sure I need to re-watch Season 1 of Agentil_570xN.808687297_6z07 Carter since I missed out due to school. I’m definitely looking forward to The Walking Dead Season 6 and the revival of Gravity Falls Season 2. I’m looking forward to start watching Steven Universe and a good selection of anime!

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