Welcome back to another Fake Geek Girls Like Us interview. Fake Geek Girls Like Us is a feature on +5 Charisma where I interview some awesome geeky and nerdy ladies out in the geek world. This month I get to chat with Merri and Melissa, the hosts of the Fake Geek Girls podcast.

Fake Geek Girls Podcast

1. Hi there! Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? What fandoms are you into?

Melissa: Hi! I’m Missy, I’m a freelance writer, and co-host and co-creator of Fake Geek Girls! I’m not actively involved in any fandoms in the sense of making and sharing things, other than writing articles about them, but I love a wide variety of media—BioWare games, Steven Universe, The Adventure Zone, The Wicked + The Divine—the list could go on forever. As I say roughly 200 times per episode, I’m a big fantasy nerd so anything in that vein is probably right up my alley.

Merri: I’m Merri, I’m an online marketer and I have a cute dog. I don’t know if I would say I am involved in fandoms much, but I am obsessed with all things Star Wars. Something you learn quickly about me while listening to the podcast is my intense love for Ahsoka Tano. I also believe that Clone Wars and Rebels are better than the movies for the most part. It is probably good I don’t interact with fandoms much because I am sure someone would want to hurt me for saying that. After that I love Sailor Moon, which was one of the first “geeky” things I was ever into. I gained a lot of who I am from that show. I also love Steven Universe, Hamilton, Orphan Black, and bad reality shows.

2.Tell us about your podcast, Fake Geek Girls. How did the podcast come together? What made you want to make a podcast? 

Melissa: The podcast was entirely Merri’s idea. We wanted to do something to keep our brains active after we graduated college, and this let us channel our love of pop culture into something that challenged us and could, hopefully, be informative for others.

Merri: I got real bored at a dead-end job and needed a creative outlet. I had just graduated college and knew I was going to miss a lot of the intense discussions that I had with other students. Missy is the smartest person I know, and my best friend of 15 years, so it was not even a question in my mind that that was who I needed to be doing this with. Missy was really smart with it, making sure we had some type of formula that would set us apart from other podcasts. We both agreed we did not want this to be just sitting around talking about how much we love something and how cool it is. We wanted to look at geek media through an academic lens.

3. Do you have any plans for the future for Fake Geek Girls? 

Melissa: We have SO MANY plans. As of this interview, we’re working with an artist on a design for merchandise, so in the near future we hope to have shirts, tote bags, and so on available for purchase. Eventually we’d like to move to weekly episodes and do more interviews and have more guest hosts; those things are hard to swing right now because it takes a significant amount of time to research, record, and edit, but it’s definitely something we want to do in the future.

Merri: Take over the world. We have merch coming out that I am SO flipping excited for. I hope to interact with people more and I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

4.What has been your favourite podcast episode that you have done so far and why?

Melissa: It’s really hard to choose. Our sound quality has improved a lot in the past year, and it’s hard for me to recommend earlier episodes because I’m a perfectionist and while there’s some good stuff back there, I wish the sound was better. Our recent episode on witches is up there with my favorites, though—it’s a bit personal, a bit historical, and a bit critical, which I think is kind of the essence of what we are.

Merri: I really love the episodes where we target one media. The Life is Strange, Mad Max, and Game of Thrones episodes I think are really strong and have some great conversations that need to be had.


5. In the theme of October and all things spooky, what is your favourite Halloween movie?

Melissa: Coraline isn’t really horror or Halloween, but it’s hands down my favorite movie and it’s at least a little bit spooky. If I had to pick a movie that actually involves Halloween, probably Practical Magic.

Merri: God, this is hard! Probably The Craft, Ginger Snaps, and The Halloween Tree.

6.What are 3 fictional witches that you most relate to?

Melissa: I feel like I can’t get any more accurate than saying Hermione Granger three times. Sally Owens and Willow Rosenberg are probably up there as well, though I have to admit I haven’t finished Buffy so I don’t know how well we match up in later seasons.

Merri: I have been thinking about this SO long. Louise Miller from Teen Witch, Asajj Ventress, and McGonagall.

7. What is your favourite comic convention to visit and why?

Melissa: Definitely GeekGirlCon. It’s easily the most welcoming convention I’ve ever been to—everybody is very positive and sweet, and it’s much more relaxed than some of the larger local conventions. They also have the best programming; the panels are so great it’s hard to find time to walk around the show floor!

Merri: GeekGirlCon! For all the reasons Missy said. They also have a REALLY interesting group of vendors.


8. When did you first realize that you may be considered a “nerd” or a “geek”?

Melissa: I don’t think it was ever really a question for me. I didn’t get many TV channels growing up and I didn’t have money for many video games, so I read a lot of books and wrote in my spare time. I was really into school and always got good grades, so I never really questioned whether I was a nerd or not; I just kind of assumed that my social awkwardness combined with my love for fantasy and books meant I was probably on the nerdy side.

Merri: When Missy forced me to. I was in denial, but I SWEAR it was because I didn’t think I was cool enough to be a nerd. I am a weird person.

9. Who was the first female character that you can remember looking up to?

Melissa: I wish I could say Lucy or Susan Pevensie but neither of them were really like me at all. It wasn’t really until Alanna from The Song of the Lioness that I felt like I had a character who was enough like me that I could identify with her, but who had enough traits that weren’t mine that she gave me something to aspire to.

Merri: Sailor Jupiter! Now, she isn’t my favorite and I don’t relate to her as much, but when I was a kid I played sports, was a tomboy, and had brown hair.

10. Are there any movies or television shows that are coming out that you are looking forward to (near or distant future)?

Melissa: I am so bad with movies and TV shows. I’m tentatively looking forward to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Moana looks cute so far. Rogue One looks pretty cool so far but The Force Awakens is the first Star Wars movie I’ve really loved, and I don’t know if I’m going to fall in love with any of Rogue One‘s characters the way I did with Rey and Finn. Only time will tell!

Merri: ROGUE ONE! I also cannot wait for the final season of Orphan Black. I am also always excited for any and all Steven Universe.


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