When done right, winged eyeliner can really accentuate your features or bring just the right amount of flair to your look. I received a request over on my Facebook page asking if I would do an eyeliner tutorial, so here you go! This tutorial focuses on adding wings to your eyeliner and assumes that you’re already familiar with basic liner skills. Really, all you need to be able to do is draw a relatively straight line a couple of times. Eyeliner doesn’t have to be scary! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

What You’ll Need

Let’s start by going over the types of liners I’ll be using today. The first quickly became my favorite for doing big, giant wings: Wet ‘n Wild’s ProLine™ Graphic Marker Eyeliner. I got this at Walmart for about $4. I love it because it offers great color and amazing precision.

The next is your basic eyeliner pen, this is Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner. I got it at Walmart for about $3. It’s great for getting nice clean lines, but can be a bit troublesome. It is a felt tip and can get hairs and stuff stuck to it, which can mess up your line. I don’t like this specific liner because of the shape of the tip. Instead of tapering off into a nice point, it gets a little bigger at the end, which leads to bigger lines and less precision. But, the color pay off is very nice, so I normally use it for filling in.

The next is another pen: Sephora’s Stylographic Fine Line pen. I got it for about $15 at Sephora. It’s great for fixing the tip of a wing and getting the inner corner just so. I compared it to the Milani liner so you can see how tiny it is.

We also have colored liner. I currently only have white, but I have had other colors in the past, like blue and purple. This white liner is the same Sephora liner as before, just with a bigger brush. I got this for $15 on sale in a set. They’re very good and I recommend them once you get a bit better at drawing on eyeliner.

Lastly we have another Wet ‘n Wild: their MegaLiner. I got this at Walmart for about $2. This is a rather traditional type of liner known as “pot and brush”, among other names. I like this one a lot for filling in. It allows product control and you can get right up on the lashes so the liner looks seamless. It’s good for a quick wing as well.

On to the Tutorial!

A super simple small wing is a good start for beginners. We’ll use the pot and brush liner for this, for a bit more precision. I think the mistake many people make when applying eyeliner is that they try to make the middle match the wing, but that’s like trying to make a color blob match line art. It doesn’t work very well. You have to make the line art before you start coloring! So, start from the outer corner of your eye and drag the brush up and out (or in whichever direction most suits your eye shape.)

Pick up the brush. Starting from the tip of the line you’ve just made, drag the product inwards toward the lash line. This will be your wing! Finish by continuing to draw the product down to your lash line. Line your lash line, fill in the wing, and there you have it! A simple wing, perfect for a nice dinner or interview! It’s just enough flash to bring attention to your eyes without being too distracting.

For those of us who would like wings so sharp they could cut things, here’s how to make that happen. I like to use the Wet ‘n Wild jumbo liner for this, using the same technique as above. Start at the outer corner of your eye and draw out and a bit up for as long as you’d like the wing to be. Except! This time, instead of lifting the pen and starting again from the tip of the wing, I start a little farther down from the tip. This is because it’s not very easy to fix the tip of the wing if you accidentally ruin its point. If your wing looks a little messy on the inside, that’s fine because you’re just going to fill it in anyway.

Above you can see that I touched up the inside and tip with the Sephora liner.

Lastly, let’s get a bit complicated. This is something I saw on Instagram and I decided to try and replicate it. It’s basically a wing that you fill with either colored liner or eyeshadow.

I start out the same way as I described above, but this time I am extra careful while drawing. Once you finish the wing, instead of filling it in and lining your lash line, start a new line from your inner lash line and continue drawing it up onto your lid. Bring that line across the middle of your lid, then connect it to the tip of the wing you drew first. Be as careful as possible and don’t fill in the wing.

After that you can clean up if you need to. As you can see above, I decided my lines were good enough and I went on to filling in the wing. Using my white liner I filled in the empty space, being careful not to draw on top of the black outline.

Apply some mascara to any of these looks and you’re good to go!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below! What would you like to see next?

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