Video games hold a very special place in my heart. They were the apple of my eye from my childhood even to this day. There’s something that’s just so mesmerizing them it’s hard to put into words. However, I can say that one of the reasons I love them so is because they take story-telling to an interactive level and can create your own little adventure outside of your daily life in the process. Now on that further note, let’s take something myself and so many others love dearly and do something amazing with them!

That’s right, this year I have taken on a team of a few fellow Iggles and I and we are participating in Extra Life! On Saturday, October 25th, 2014, a 24-hour video game marathon will take place worldwide to spread the word and to support children who need our help.

My team members and I will play video games for the entire 24 hours on this day, starting  at 8AM central time to coincide with the official game day for Extra Life. Our mission here is to raise awareness and funding for the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and all proceeds that are raised during this event will directly be donated to the cause at hand. There is so much that still needs to be done to decrease the amount of illness that tragically effect our young geeks in training and on this day it will be our duty to combine a cherished hobby of ours with our love and support. More about Extra Life can be learned here.

This is where all of the fun begins. There are a number of ways that you, Ensign Iggle can help us achieve our goals. First off, we would love it if you would be able to take a few moments to check out our team page here. If you could make a donation to any of the members of our team, we would appreciate this from the bottom of our hearts. Your hard work to help us will be shown off in a number of ways. I will be personally sending postcards to everyone who donates, no matter the amount to thank you for all that do for our community, for the world around us, and for your love and support.

However, donations are not the only help that we need. We are calling for all Iggles who would love to join in the 24-hour marathon with us and be a team member! The sign-up for this event to be a team member can be found here and once I have the information required, I will send you an invite to join our team. You will be able to set up your own fundraising page through Extra Life’s website and will be able to set your own

Look out for a schedule detailing what I and our team mates plan to play throughout the day. There will be hours in which some of us will be streaming to give everyone a chance to cheer us on. Plus, there will be a few gaming events as well that I will be inviting all iggles to play to give those an opportunity who cannot participate the whole day. Stay tuned for updates as this will be up in the next two weeks!

Check out our team page: The Iggles!
Sign up to join The Iggles team here!