Hey There True Believers,

Continuing with the fallout sagas from the Secret Wars event, Marvel have released a look at the Grant Morrison’s “New X-Men” saga called E is for Extinction from 2001.


Continuing in the theme of rewriting the Marvel Universe by visiting the past, more changes are on the way with the all new E is for Extinction saga.

In the 2001 series, the Mutant Universe had additions to the student body of Xavier’s School with the introduction of Emma’s prized students, The Stepford Cuckoos, their rival and nemesis Kid Omega (Quentin Quire), the “Special Class” including No-Girl, Beak and Angel Salvadore.



(Image courtesy of Comicvine.com)

It was also the saga that ran with John Sublime and the U-Men, insane humans who vivisected and stole mutant body parts to then graft them to themselves in order to obtain the mutant power and concluded with Jean Grey’s “final” death.



(Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org)

In the revisit from the fallout of Secret Wars, Marvel have decided to tip the balance of superiority into the favour of the Mutants with Chris Burnham (Batman Incorporated author) taking the lead for writing and art to being done by Ramon Villaobos (Original Sin) leading to an array of questions, for instance – what is Xavier doing with a gun to his cheek and what is Magneto doing running the Xavier Institute? Will Emma Frost still be found in the nuclear wasteland of Genosha with her trademarked Diamond Form?

One can only assume that Xavier is able to kill the mummudrai Cassandra Nova before she is able to cause mass destruction and hysteria, and that Magneto’s stint as Xorn will be unnecessary – but who knows, we’ll have to wait and see as the issues are released !!

Until Next Time True Believers – and God Speed my X-Men!