Today I’ll be showing you how to achieve a simple, everyday look based on some current trends in makeup. I like this look in the winter because it incorporates those warm brownish red colors that are very popular right now. I’ve worn this look to job interviews and fancier events but it works for everyday glam, too! I decided not to use anything on my face but feel free to alter this look however you’d like!

Before we begin, apply any foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer you’d like to use. (As I said I didn’t use anything.)

Next, prime your eyes with your favorite eye primer. I’m using Urban Decay’s primer potion in Minor Sin. The primer will really come in handy for this look so I don’t advise skipping this step.


After that I took a nice base color for blending and added that to my crease and lid and blended that up to my brow bone as well.


I started with a nice warm red-brown that would make my eyes pop. I suggest using colors that will go with your skin tone and eye color. I applied this color in my crease and blended it up to my brow bone.


After that, I used a cooler dark brown and applied that in just my crease to deepen it and bring the attention to my eyes. This is a good tip for those of you that wear glasses it will help people see through your glasses to you.


Next I used a color a little bit lighter than my skin tone to help bring the attention to my eyes, and I applied that to my lid. This will also clean up any color on our lid. We want this to be kind of a faux cut crease. This is where the primer comes in handy: primer keeps the eye shadows from blending and creating an unintentional smoky eye at the end of the day.


I then used a liquid metallic eye shadow in a light pink color to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. This will, once again, help draw attention to the eyes. I also just like highlights.


The final two steps are to apply eyeliner and apply mascara. I’m using Milani liquid eyeliner pen and Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara.


That’s it! Try this look for yourself, if you do try it out, send me a pic I’d love to see y’all’s pictures!

Let me know if there are any tutorials that y’all’d like to see me do! Would you like for me to do an eyeliner tutorial where I show how to do different styles of liner?