This month’s theme is Notice Me Senpai, and we’re putting together some everyday cosplay looks to go with it! This week we’re creating an outfit based around Yūki Asuna of Sword Art Online!

Yūki Asuna: the character

Yūki Asuna is from the world of Sword Art Online, a light novel that has been adapted into several manga adaptations and an anime. It centers around a virtual reality MMORPG world, and the characters that sign into it and find themselves trapped inside. Asuna is one of these, looking for a way to escape. She is honorable and kind, and is known for helping those in need within the game world. She is also a sub-leader of a guild and a very skilled player, as well as being proud and tough, and unafraid to sacrifice herself for senpai Kirito.


Everyday Yuuki Asuna


Yūki Asuna: the look

This everyday cosplay look is based on Yūki Asuna’s red and white costume. The white tunic top with the narrow shoulder mimics the shape of her over-shirt, and the red choker necklace matches the red detail along her own neckline. The red pleated skirt is similar to the one we used for the Everyday Supergirl look, and you know we’re a fan of multi-purpose pieces! The white thigh-high socks were a bit of a gamble and it might be tough to match the white color of the heeled boots, but the red stripes at the top evoke the red pattern on her leggings. Finish the look with a double-wrapped white belt (which will also accentuate your waist) and you’ve got an Asuna everyday cosplay!

So what do you think of this look? Got any suggestions for next week? Tweet me @joannavolavka and use #igglescosplay to find other everyday cosplayers!