This month we’re talking Heroes and Villains, and we’re kicking off a round of everyday cosplay looks with an outfit inspired by Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Let’s jump in!

Wonder Woman: the character

Diana Prince is the secret identity of Princess Diana of Themyscira, also known as Wonder Woman. One of the most famous of all superheroes, she is a warrior princess with powers that come from the Greek gods, which she uses to fight against similarly sourced supervillains. She uses her Lasso of Truth to get truthful answers from anyone she catches with it, and was a founding member of the Justice League along with Superman, Batman, and other famous DC heroes. She is an intelligent and powerful woman who over the years has comes to represent gender equality and become an LGBTQ+ icon.

Everyday Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman: the look

Wonder Woman’s costume has changed a few times over the years but one thing that remains constant is the red, blue, and gold motif. This outfit is based on one of her older costumes. The red stop is sleeveless and mirrors the shape of her bodice, while the skirt captures the white stars on blue of her shorts. Red and white sneakers give you plenty of comfort for chasing down villains, and a gold belt gives everything a polished look. A pair of blue cuff bracelets nod to her indestructible Bracelets of Submission, and a pair of red earrings match the ones she wears. The last touches are a gold headband in place of her tiara and a Wonder Woman logo necklace.

If you want to check out another everyday Wonder Woman look, check out this video where I take an everyday cosplay challenge to create a look through thrift store finds, all for less than $20!

Think you’ll channel your inner warrior princess this month? Share your outfits below and use #igglescosplay on social media!