Welcome back Iggles to another Everyday Cosplay look based off of this month’s theme of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice! When I think of sugary sweet characters my mind automatically thinks of the cute character Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph.

She has every component that makes up a sweet character including candy!


When I initially went to make this look, I was going to include a hooded sweater. However, some places are still currently humid so I opted for a short sleeve look. But, if you’re in an area that is currently cold, you can color match a cardigan or a hoodie to give this look the added warmth necessary.



Looking at Vanellope photos, her sweater appears to be a seafoam green color. However, cosplayers tend to use a light blue instead so since I couldn’t find a seafoam green anything I opted for the light blue. These tops come from Wet Seal and we’ve got the Crew Neck (sizes XS, S & XL currently 5 for $20) and the Scoop Neck (size 2X for $5). Other places to find basic colored tops are Old Navy, Forever 21, American Apparel (if you want to splurge) and Target or Walmart.


Finding cute brown skirts was nearly impossible, but I managed to find something to add to this look. If you’re not a fan of either of these, you can make a basic circle skirt using this tutorial or a pleated skirt to match Vanellope’s look using this one. As for what I found, I added the Taupe Suede Mini Skirt from Akira (sizes S-L currently on sale for $15) and the Microsuede Button Down Skirt from Rue21 (sizes 1X-3X for $21.99).


I found a Hero Cookie pendant on Etsy from user StarGlazedDelights. It’s the perfect addition to this look, and to top everything off you can add these candy pins to your hair just like her which come from Etsy user BunnyBubbles.

To round off the outfit, pair the look with some blue tights, stockings or leggings (these are from We Love Colors), a red hair bow to match her licorice one and some black flats.

Now with your finished look you’re ready to hit the road in your Sugar Rush race car car and look good doing it!

Until next week, Iggles!